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Monday, May 15, 2017

Asking for help

is very difficult for some,
I know it is for me.
I made this piece of art in a four-step process
over the month of March.
It goes clockwise.
1.  Received my cancer diagnosis
2. Drowning
3. OK, coming up for air
4. I can do this.

I still go back and forth and around the circle.
I have surgery the first week of May, and
some days I am finding it hard to keep
my head above water.

I am saying the "c" word out loud more and more
and so far, the thing that has helped pull
me up the most is the support of other artists
in my small community.

I have decided to reach out and ask for
cards from my friends. I love to get cards
in the mail.  and I love to get artsy cards.
It will cheer me and give me strength.

If you are so inclined,
I would love to receive some words of support
at this challenging time of my life.

My snailmail address is:
101, 248 Sunterra Ridge Place
Cochrane, Alberta, Canada  T4C 2J6

I did it.
I asked.
Thanks, friends,
it's good just to say it out loud.