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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Opus Scrapjacked

I shop at a store called Scrapbooker's Bliss and they have terrific LO's on display.  Everyone who works there is very talented.  I scraplifted this LO from one done by Teresa, when I first saw hers, I thought it was brilliant.  I made a couple of changes in that I used photos for the trees and photos across the bottom.  But Teresa takes all the credit for the design!


  1. A great layout!
    There is a very simple bit of code to learn to put links in comments. I have the code on a piece of paper on my desk so it's easy to find.
    I'll give you a link in a mo. In the instructions the code written in black is the bit you always use. The two places in red are the bits that differ. Firstly the bit of red that says "link". This is the web page that you want the link to go to. Basically you copy and paste the web address from the top of the page into the two inverted comma's ("). The second bit of red is whatever words you want to show up as the link in blue in your comment. I usually use the word "here" (without the inverted comma's). If you want to practice you are welcome to leave me a comment on my blog linking back to a specific page on your blog. The link is here


  2. I love this layout. So many gorgeous colors. Snow???? Yikes. I am not a fan of the fluffy white stuff. It looks pretty in pictures though. Thanks for playing with us at Opus Gluei again. We love your creations.

  3. This is a really cool layout and I love the theme Jana chose while I was away - there are some great submittals and this sure is one of 'em!


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