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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Four Year Blogiversary!!

Is that cool or what?
I am so proud of myself.
Consider this:
"Wishin I Knew How To Blog"
I've learned.
'nuff said.

No, wait! 
'nuff said.
I have a giveaway!

Yup, I said
   is the prize.
I kind of like it.
Who knows, maybe one day I'll be famous 
and it will be worth a million bucks.
Or not.
Either way, I think you'll get a smile from it.
It's glittery........................
How to win?
Please leave a comment here, telling me why in heaven's name you even even come over to my blog.
I love that you do.
But sometimes I wonder.
I'll write all the names on little pieces of paper.
Maybe different colours.
Maybe not.
And then I'll smoosh them up.
And put them in the basket I keep my
"I know I just bought this, but I'll use it one day"
stuff in,
and close my eyes, and draw a name.  
Hopefully YOUR name.

And if it IS your name,
I'll let you know you won, by the very first day of December.
Cus after that I'll be busy making Christmasy stuff.
Now remember, if I am going to let you know you've won, I will need a way to contact you.

And thank you, every single person who ever came by to say hullo.
You make my heart sing.
(slightly off-key, but sing, nonetheless)



  1. Congratulations on 4 years dear Electra!! Please enter me for your drawing! I love your blog and to see what unusual collage you've created! Your art could definitely be worth fortunes to coming generations, you are a true artist (no doubt about it)!!

  2. Four years, that's wonderful! Oh wow, I can't remember why how or why I stopped by here the first time. But we've been dropping in on each other for a while now, haven't we? (And I'm so bad lately at visiting ANYONE regularly, good grief!)


  3. Very good idea!
    Very beautiful give aways.
    And you're such a sweet heart! :)

  4. Have to share this at my blog Patti !!
    Your gift deserves a lot of attention because it's adorable !!
    And yes please, count me in ! :-)

  5. 4 years puts my pathetic attempt at blogging to shame - I lack inspiration at times and finding new blogs is always great fun - Rian Designs sent me - and I'm so glad she did cos I'm liking what I see! xx

  6. I always love coming over to visit with you. Your art is always delightful and your give-away is full of whimsy. Congrats on your 4 years! Hugs xx

  7. I visit your blog because your art is always inspiring and your writing is upbeat and fun. Congrats on 4-years. Please count me in the drawing. If I win, contact me at

  8. Send by freubel :)
    But it was nice too do...and look around.
    Greetings Rebbeltje

  9. 4 years fantastic. And i know your blog of course by Rian and TaW. I do love this creation of you and it will be a honor to winn such beautiful giveaway.
    lovely greet

  10. Congrats on 4 years! What draws me to your work is your imagination and creativity. You just somehow add so much life to your pieces and they look like soooo much fun. Put me in the draw please.
    Dot x

  11. I know, it's been a while. And I didn't just come for the giveaway, I came to say CONGRATULATIONS!! and the reason I come here is because of your stupendous talent and your humorous writing. Yep.

  12. Happy Blogversary, and I will say this honestly without trying to win a prize--I come here because I like your work!!!

  13. Congrats, Patti! Four years, doesn't it go by fast?

    I love to see what you've been up to and all your wonderful creations.

    Winning a prize is just a bonus :)

  14. Congradulations Patti!!!!!I love to come to your blog to see your amazing art....and to see the new pic of your cute grandson.You are such a blessing to me and I cherish our friendship. I hope you have many,many more years..
    Love ya.

  15. How could anyone resist a blog written by someone named Electra? :o) The piece of art is wonderful!

  16. I honestly don't remember the first time I encountered your amazing, funky, fun and oh-so-fabulous art creations ... but once I did, I was hooked. Your style and sense of humor are enviable ... ♥♥♥

  17. we come to see your gorgeous creations, missus, and to read your fabulous prose, and to laugh and go, "OF COURSE" at your brilliant insights!!! (of course SOME of us come more often when it's DT-bsed, of which, we are secretly a bit ashamed, but with unlimited time we'd be here EVERY DAY, honest!) ♥HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY♥ missus, and ♥♥♥ to you!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxox

  18. I found you by way of Freubel. I will honestly say I want to win a piece of your gorgeous art but feel like a winner just finding your blog! Congrats on four years.

  19. Congratulations on "4" years of knowing how to blog! WooHoo! I am coming up on #3! I believe after I became a Ginger, you may have started to follow me and then I went to your blog! Your "candy" is too sweet and looks like one fun tag! Hope you are having a great finish to November and I so hear you about needed to start up for Christmas! Have a great day!

  20. Congratulations on 4 years in blogland! I'm coming up on three years next month...who knew?

    I love your giveaway prize--it's so you--and it will be a priceless gift to anyone who knows you!

  21. Isn't amazing how time passes and all of a sudden four years have gone by.
    Congrats on your blog anniversary.
    A little paper dolly with a cute hat brought me to your blog, recently. Glad I came.

  22. Congratulations on your Blogiversay! Your giveaway piece is awesome, but then I always love your style. Your ATC's are some of my favorites in my collection. x

  23. Wow, four years, congratulations!!! I don't usually win stuff but there's always hope, right? I always enjoy seeing your art and reading what you've written.

  24. Congratulations on 4 year's! I just found your link on the Tim holtz addicts group. I love your work. Will definitely come back to check it out in more depth!

  25. Four years! And I have only just discoverd you LOL Your tag is such fun. I have been visiting because your art caught my eye not the same as the pack! Please put me in even at this late date. And could you please put my name on purple paper LOL Hugs

  26. Hi it's crescendo from SB! I have never seen your blog before! It really evokes a happy vibe. So much color and the font is fun. Oh my your tag is so cool! I love it, thanks for the chance to own your masterpiece!

  27. Hi it's crescendo from SB! I have never seen your blog before! It really evokes a happy vibe. So much color and the font is fun. Oh my your tag is so cool! I love it, thanks for the chance to own your masterpiece!

  28. Wow four years that is a great achievement Electra!!! Love your work/creations!!

  29. Congratulations on your 4 yr bloganniversay. I know I am too late to be entered into the draw for your great tag, but I had to leave a comment. I live with a Potbellied Pig and love pigglies. Your tag is wonderful.


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