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Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Challenges

I've been checking out different blogs, looking at the various challenges going on. I like the challenges because they challenge (big surprise) me to do something beyond what I normally would. For this post, I've settled on the How Much Is Too Much Challenge #98 and of course, my all-time fav Got Mojo. Theirs is Challenge #29. Doing one LO for both was an additional challenge and I had soooo much fun with it. I wonder if doing both at once makes this
Challenge 127????? :-)

I've also uploaded a slide show of LO's from our trip to Saskatchewan this past summer to Photobucket, but have yet to find out how to get the slideshow onto my blog. Not only am I challenging myself with LO's, I'm gradually (slowly) learning how to blog!

Here it is...I wouldn't want anyone who thinks of me as a grown-up (like the people I work with) to see this, so let's keep it to ourselves, shall we?

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