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Thursday, April 30, 2009

We're off to Lethbridge tomorrow morning to go to K's University. I'm looking forward to it, she'll meet her profs and everything, that's a good start. I want to take lots of pics.

I listen to the news about H1N1 flu aka swine flu. Part of me gets a little bit scared and another part of me thinks this is much ado about nothing. You get both views if you listen to the news long enough. K is scared, I can tell, she listens to the news now, normally doesn't that much. I hope it's nothing. This world can be scary sometimes, these days. Obama held a news conference telling people to wash their hands. Well duh. Hopefully, we all know that already.

May begins tomorrow. that means June is closer. It snowed for a bit while I was at the college this evening. That's just plain stupid. Enough already. I'm trying to cheer myself up by planning a trip to the Grand Canyon this summer. and Vegas. It'll be our last hurrah before K leaves home.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mojo challenge 33

What do I love from Peter Pan? Well, Peter asks us "Do you know why swallows nest in the eaves of houses? To hear the stories." That's what I love, the stories. IMO, the library has the keys to the kingdom. When my girl was less than a year old, she would sit in her stroller and look at picture books. Once, in her toddlerdom, I found she had stacked all her books in a pile in her room; the pile was a high as her. Not the best use for books, but you get the picture. I love books and I love stories-the Internet will never change that.

Friday, April 24, 2009

OK, I have to admit it to myself. I blog at the end of the weekend and the beginning of the weekend. As much as I have good intentions, I'm not getting it done any more than that. It'll have to be good enough. Tomorrow our kazoo band is performing in the Red Hat Parade. Gadzooks, I never thought I'd hear myself say that! I'm sitting here, wearing my red cowboy hat, and my kazoo is polished and ready. Apparently the girls are planning to add a shot of liquor to their coffees tomorrow morning before we go do it, I'd better keep an eye on my cup. Heaven forbid they put some in my coffee, I'd be playing my kazoo in Texas. Or maybe jail.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Not much to say tonight. I had a great weekend, got lots done. Today was OK, but I had a migraine and so didn't work out. Not sure if it's the weather or what. Went for dim sum yesterday with the Red Hatters and had a really good time, the ladies are all really friendly. That makes it easier for someone like me to get to know them.

That's it for tonight. time for bed.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things I love

I've been thinking about my favorite things. What are they and what do they say about me? My top 5 are massages, the library, construction sites, my bed and eating out. Well, let's see, I like to relax and sleep, read and go out to dinner. But construction sites? Not only construction sites, but any big plants like cement factories, automobile manufacturing plants, even the rebar mill not far from here. I love them all. I wonder if there is a travelling group which visits great big places which do great big things on their summer vacation? Maybe not.
But if there is, I should join. Absolutely, I should join.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I hear she's working on something new, have you heard anything?

I've been staying up (too) late working on my art journal and the metal box to keep it in this week. I love it. Stippled various paint and glitter to cover, made a dancer-paper doll, did some mosaic work on one side and shredded some strips of a patterned paper and laid them on top. Added one of the polymer clay flowers I made to finish and a lovely shabby flower from SugarJen's tutorial on A Year of Color.

Then of course that process led to another altered art page on which I wove the remaining strips of paper onto a page which I embellished with glimmer mist and a tulle flower. Am I ever going to get back to working on Cuba? Likely the Americans will be there before I do.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hey, does anyone know what's up with Google? why don't I get my history when I type in the first few letters of where I want to go? Instead, I get all this useless crap that is someone else's idea of what I MIGHT be interested in. I thought maybe I had accidentally installed the Google toolbar, but nope, it's not there. Is this more Big Brother?
This LO, by the way is done from a newspaper article I cut out, let's see, over 20 years ago. I scanned it and did a digital piece. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and it does represent the BEST memories. We had so much fun, if you look real close you can see me down there in the crowd, under the fireworks, partying hearty. Look REAL close now. :-)

Had a good long weekend, K & I scrubbed the house from top to bottom. It feels so much better in here... now I can concentrate on my art. It's almost bedtime, but I think I shall stamp and emboss something on a piece of lime-green foil I have. Come to think of it, I have some lime-green embossing powder. Oh! Cool! gotta go!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Imaginary Friend

The current Mojo challenge is to do a LO on my imaginary friend. My gosh, I have so many, it was hard to choose. (That says something disturbing about me, I think). At any rate, this little buddy, Christian name: Harold, spends the day connected telepathically to me and catches all of the thoughts I have that you wouldn't want me to say out loud. THEN, when I get home at night, Harold makes bail and we spend the evening muttering together about:

a. urfy-durfs I have met that day b. what I would like to do to those urfy-durfs c. how superior both Harold and I are to the urfy-durfs. (Reality programs provide the same sort of support for me).

At the end of each day, Harold returns to his little room to sleep and prepare for the next day's activities.

I love Harold.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Had a wonderful day today, it's like summer outside! K & I went to Kublai for supper and I tried to talk her into walking around downtown with me to take pictures, but she wasn't interested. Actually, she was hungry. I did convince her to walk to one construction site with me so I could check out the big hole in the ground, but couldn't see it as well as I would have liked. We heard on the news that 3 railcars had derailed in the city yards and were going to be righted by a crane, but we couldn't get close enough. I would have LOVED to have see that and taken pics! We saw the cranes, but K wasn't willing to drive the truck into the yards. She was probably right, railway police can be pretty nasty.

How Much is Too Much?

Challenge 102-the question is "How Much is Too Much? I'd say, Nothing is too much.

But then, we all know that I like lots of activity on my LO's. This one was way fun, I just kept going and going-the site and their challenges are the perfect vehicle for me. They inspire me and, as the site says, I get to use up my all-too-plentiful stash of supplies. My name is Patti and I'm a scrapbook-supply-aholic. Maybe I'll go to a meeting and recover. or maybe I won't.

It's a fine spring day and I have a massage booked this afternoon-I'm outta here!

Dare 47

Hah! I'm on the first of 4 days off in a row! I'm making the first day last as long as I can, it's now almost 3 AM. of course, I'll regret it tomorrow, but right now it's pretty OK. I got lots of art done today and loved every moment of doing it. Here's my take on the Dare 47: Life.

Life is good, Life is art. Life is the ultimate in creativity.

"Curiosita, Leonardo Da Vince called it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Started feeling sick at work this afternoon, when I left, I began to feel even worse. So came home and went to bed. I missed kazoo practice and feel pretty badly about that, but sick happens. Back to bed now.

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's late, I just have had a guilt attack for not blogging for so long.
I need to be up in 5 1/2 hours. Having said that, Good night.