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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chunky ATC's

Well, here it is October 31st and after tonight, 
I will no longer be making creepy stuff.
It's just not fair
I'll show you the last of my 2012 Halloween extravaganza
.The raven and witch's hat (a real one!) on top
 The fence

And the side
And I also made one using metal flashing tape for the base.
I LOVE that Tim Holtz blood spatter stamp.
You can see the metal better from the side.

Allright.  There are no more Halloween projects in my damp, musty storeroom.
I'm really done now.

Happy Halloween!
Until next year....................

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Eerie ATC's

Here are the ATC's I made for the Unruly Paper Arts Eerie ATC swap:

and one for a Tim Holtz Addicts group I'm in:
OK, one more day and we're done.
I don't know what I'm going to do.

Creature Feature

is the theme at 
Jingle Belles right now.
They rock, you know.
So I asked myself,
That's what I call myself.
"Self?  What kind of creatures are in your Christmas stash??"
And I found these.
They look like creatures to me.
(Heaven only knows what possessed me to buy that stamp.)

Naughty or Nice?
You decide.



Thanks to Hidden Vintage Studios, Bleuesse,
and Shadowhouse Creations for the use of their elements.

I think we;'re almost done with Halloween for the year.
So sad.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Gothic Marie

I simply have to show you the Gothic Marie Antoinette ATC's 
I received the other day for
the Blissful ATC swap.
Aren't they wonderful!  If you lift up the skirt of the 
one in the middle, she has a little garter belt underneath.  tee hee

They are from Karla Jackson and I love them!!

Halloween continues...

I made a banner.
Ever since my friend Rosemary posted a luscious banner on her blog,
I've been making them too.
It's worthy noting that there are no children in my home, just me.
Look at my mantle.
I know, it's pitiful, isn't it.  :-)
Here's the banner.
Please keep in mind that for some unexplainable reason,
I bought a whole pad of Halloween paper and embellies last year at Mikey's for, 
like, 90% off.
I couldn't help myself.
So I HAD TO make this thing.
I know what you're thinkig. 
"Does she have a life?"
Well I do.
And I used about an hour or so of said life to make this for the mantle:
I'm done.
Until tomorrow.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The End is Near!

I haven't made anything for my Everything Wendy Vecchi group for far too long, 
so I decided to play along with the current challenge:
The theme is
Freaky, Creepy and Weird.
What do you think?

All stamps are by Wendy Vecchi.

You know how you wake up in the morning

with all sorts of good intentions
and the day just kind of goes to the dogs?
Well, that's been my day.
I got some terrific photos...
But I digress.
What I meant to show you is this
and it is for both

(credits:  Hidden Vintage Studios, Cajoline, and Peggy Gatto)

Thanks for stopping by!


I am delighted to tell you that I have been asked to create a piece for this week's
Woo Hoo!!
The theme is 
So I have to admit, I made two pieces 
and then struggled for a few days on which one to send.
This is the first:
Elements used are by Lisa's Altered Art, Bonnie Zeiman,and Bleuesse  
Here is the second one that I eventually chose:
 Elements used are by Amanda Frijo-Tobin, Annequins,
Studio Rosey Posey, Bonnie Zeiman and Shadowhouse Creations.

I loved this challenge!!

Now mosey on over to 
to see all the wonderful talent that has taken flight! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Have you ever been to a Zombie Walk?

I have.

I need a break from Halloween

just for a moment.
Elements used are all by

Thanks for looking.
We'll be scary again soon.

Friday Foto Collage

Thanks to Studio Tangie, Beth Rimmer, Studio Blagovesta, 
Studio Rosey Posey and
Lisa's Altered Art for the use of their elements.

Just Because

(OK, I admit it, I'm a proud grandma.)

Art With No Boundaries

I haven't posted for quite a while.
Been sick with a cold and have been trying to sleep it away.
However, I do have a bunch of Halloween art that I've made 
and time is running out to post it!
The first is a piece I've done for
This wasn't easy to photograph, but I've done the best I could.
I tried to make something scary...
but not TOO scary
If you know me at all, you'll know that I am 
of spiders.
So, I used a purple spider made out of Christmas bells.
 It's behind the creepy butterfly.
I could handle that spider.
And of course it needed to light up for nighttime...
and finally, 
What's Halloween without a little
The skeletons are an earring I bought is some Loonie store.  
It's not like I would wear it.
So are you scared?

I hope so.

There is an abundance of creepy creations at
If you're not a sissy, be sure to visit.

And thanks for stopping by here!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Something Wicked

this way comes...

Thanks to Hidden Vintage Studios, Tangie Studio, Studio Rosey Posey,
Finecrafted Designs, and the cemetery next door to me for the elements.


Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Retro Postcard Art



This is for this week 's
But where are the roses?  you ask.
The background is solid roses, a few layers of them,  and of course the 
adorable little girls (who are by Fidlette) have their own roses.
And no, there is NOT a prize for finding them all.

All roses, everywhere, are by the Gilded Bee.
Now hurry over to
and check out all the roses there!
Thanks for coming by on this fine snowy (here, at least) Sunday!

I Leaf It Up To You!

Challenge #142 at
Sweet Poobah Rosemary has invited us to
 create something either with a
Easy-Peasy, right? It can be scary, funny, 
vintage, spooky, or can even enlist the
 help of your neighbourhood trick-or-treaters!
or a
Rosemary  says "feel free to express your creativity with the use of a leaf or leaves.  
Doesn't have to be autumn leaves, since not everyone is experiencing fall right now 
but let's see what happens when you "'leaf' it up."
Here's mine:
 I used elements from Miki Furkel, 
Amanda Fraijo-Tobin, and Jofia Devoe

And I AM thankful for a whole lot of things.

I'll see you there:
The Order of the Opus Gluei

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Grandson Logan


Reminder-Harvest Moon!

Hi folks, just dropping by to remind you that you have until 
November 3rd to join in on our current 
is the theme. 
I just love Halloween.

Credits:  Wendy Aspinall, Tangie Studio, Birgit Kerr,
Suhura, Bonnie Zeiman, Shadowhouse Creations,
and the cemetery next door to me.


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Going Dotty

Rebel Challenge #16 at
is to 
 This was one of those projects where everything went wrong.

The cool image is by Suzy Toronto, 
and to give you just one little example of one little thing
 that went wrong.........there used to be a girl in the middle.
I had to cut her out.
And that was just the beginning.
I'll spare you the gory details.
Then I discovered that the watercolour pencils that I thought weren't 
watercolour pencils at all, just some lousy dollar 
store pencil crayons from when my daughter was little 15 years ago.
Are you the kind of person who throws nothing out?
Yeah, me too.
If you put a little water on lousy dollar store watercolour crayons, do you know what happens?
It gets wet.
Yup, that's about it.
Then I couldn't stamp properly. 
Hence, the extra dots.
Oh well.

I also used some Ranger distress inks, a polka dot stamp by Inkadinkadoo and a
Melissa Francis embellishment.

I do like the end result though.
I think I shall just keep growing and learning.
Just like the friend who will get this.

The moral of the story is...
Oh, who knows what the moral of the story is.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012


for the wonderful
Thanks to Dezinaworld, Doris Castle, Bonnie Zeiman, and Syndee Nuckels

And thanks to you for coming by!

I'll bet you love Vintage.
You'll find lots more at

Rock On!

I made these fun pieces with the new collage sheets from
I'm blessed to be a part of a wonderful design team 
and we get to play with the new sheets before they are released.
I know, I'm spoiled.
As you can see Rian has put together a real range of
musical elements, from vintage to psychadelic. 
I hope you take the time to check them out.
You'll have as much fun as I did, I'm sure. 

Thanks for visiting,