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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Well, it's not my workDESK exactly, but it IS where I have been working.
(It's in front of the TV.  tee hee)
I took a class about 5 or 6 years ago and for whatever reason, I never finished the album.
As you can see, it's round.
As you can also see, it's a CHRISTMAS album.
The ROUND CHRISTMAS album is not fold-up-able and every Christmas, when I go to put it away, after having NOT finished it for yet ANOTHER year, I get all pi&*ed off at it.
I am going to finish the darn thing this year and then when it won't fold up next year, maybe it won't pi$& me off so much.
Make sense?
Well, it makes sense to me.
You can peek in lots more workroom (or living room) windows at

Wordless Wednesday

Now go get wordless

Monday, November 28, 2011

Farm Fresh

The Chestnut Challenge for this month at
So I have for you a paper bag album all about my litle girl and her fascination for riding and roping.
(She is 20 years old now, but is still riding, just not roping.)
You can't criticize me for the length of time it took to do this album, because I am still working of photos of my great grandparents from the 1800's.
So this is really quite curent.
OK, here goes, there are  LOT of photos, but I don't know how else to show you this.

She started very young.
(This kid will ride anything)
Thanks for stopping by, pardner!

Just Because

Elements used are by Freubel (lampshade ladies and background),
Cajoline (cat and instruments), Crowabout Studios (accordian-playing girl),
Createwing Designs (topiary tree), and
Amanda Sok (word art).  Sorry, but the rest I can't remember.

Thanks for stopping by.

Candy Kisses

As opposed to Savoury Kisses.
Never Mind.
Card 48 at Jingle Belles is just that:
Candy Kisses!
or something sweet.
For some unknown reason I bought this candy-covered paper a couple of years ago.
I say "unknown" because I really don't like it and have never really used it successfully in anything.
Must have been on sale.
until now!!!!
I can't remember the make of the paper, so I'm not really dissin' them, but isn't it just
the most perfectest paper
for this challenge?!?
Y'know, even if I didn't finally have a way to showcase this horrible paper,
I would be ever so glad I've discovered the belles at
cus let me tell you, they really do rock.
And if I had been doing this all year, I would now have 48,
count em, 48 Christmas (and one Hanukkah) cards ready to address and mail!
How amazing is that?

So next year, I will be there
every single week
making a card and going gaga over the cards THEY make for us each week.
I have a whole year to make 48 friends.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Elements used are by Lily Designs, Gilded Bee,
Dezinaworld, Amanda Sok and Syndee Nuckles

Make something

Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Fill Ins

(First, I just HAD TO show you this scene. 
This is what I woke up to this morning.

Now my Fill-Ins:

1. As you can see _I made a great move out of the city_.
2. _Christmas will be here_ soon!
3. I love to buy _scrapbook supplies_.
4. _When my girl was little, it seemed like there were always too many_ gift(s).
5. What's up with _that?_
6. _Do you remember those silly little guest towels that were supposedly for your_ fingertips.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _some yummy curry I made_,
tomorrow my plans include _visit with friends
_ and Sunday, I want to _scrapbook_!
See more Fill Ins here

And have a great weekend!

ATCs with Attitude

I'm now on the Design Team for
Woo Hoo!
And our very first challenge is posted.
We were given a few adorable images from Meljens
OK, I'm going to fess up.
I got confused and made a fat page with two of Meljens' sweet images
(the little ballerina and the todastool)
and then realized I was supposed to have made an ATC,
but it was too late to make a new one, so
I had to adjust it a bit.
(Geesh, Electra, pay attention, will ya?!)
Here is the fat page:
Not TOO different.
Next week, I'll do it right the first time.
(I hope)


The sweet little seamstress is from Free Pretty Things For You.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Great Pumpkin Challenge!

This week at
 we get to do the coolest technique for Grungy Monday 28!
You can get the deets from Tim Holtz himself

You ARE correct.
This is NOT a pumpkin.
There is not even a pumpkin INSIDE the house.
Maybe there is a pumpkin on the roof.

No pumpkin at the back.
No pumpkins were harmed in the creation of this project.

(If you want to find out if I have finally lost it completely, go visit Linda Ledbetter at

Elements used were a little naked cardboard house from Mikey's, flashing tape, Rangers Inks, Embossing folder and Festive Greenery Die Cut from Tin Holtz, Martha Stewart glitter, Basic Grey snowflake, Recollections bling and tree, cotton batting from my medicine cabinet, unknown transparency and cardstock.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Just Because


Before I begin, have you been over to see what Julia has posted this week on her blog
Cus it's gorgeous.
Here is my slightly boring workdesk.

GORGEOUS vintage Christmas paper from Memory Lane.  Is it not to die for?
And a couple of ATC's on top.
On the left, in the corner is a stack of real-live-not-digital scrapbook pages I'm am getting done.
I've missed it, even though I really love doing digital work.
OK, so, see the shiny thinglet kind of at the top?
Well, it's a domino book I showed you on my workdesk a week or two ago
and I promised I would show the finished project.
So I shall do just that.
The title page:

Lisa's Altered Art has a "Queens" series and I loved them so much I made this tiny book.
(with the help of a perfect tutorial by Laura Carson of
Some of the deets:

You can't say I didn't warn you about all the pics,
I admit, it needs some fine-tuning.
But I like it.
A lot.
And it's for me.
I don't mind the imperfections.
Did you know that the Amish say when you make a quilt,
you should always make one mistake somewhere, because only God can make perfection?
Or something like that.
Well, think of this as an Amish Domino book.
My first.
I'll get better.
Thanks for satying with me, if you're still out there.
Hello? Hello?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Important Announcement!!!

I will be a gramma around May 1st.
Exciting, eh!

Wordless Wednesday

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

OK guys (drum roll please),  me and the cat did the draw and sweet Junibears of
is the lucky winner of my giveaway draw!
(Isn't she the cutest thing?)
She lives in the United Kingdom, so given the skillage of the Canadian Postal system,
she should get her box of Electra-art by Easter.
Thanks to all who took the time to enter, it's you who make this all worth while for me!
You're the best!

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Elements used are by Cemerony, Cajoline, Bumblebutton, Jofia Designs, and Beth Rimmer

Thankful for raffia

That post title doesn't really work, does it.
Well, so what.
This week at my favoritest blog
Challenge #118 is
How can you NOT join in, with a theme like that?
Like me, f'rinstance.
I am not having a good day, nor week, nor month, if you want to get technical about it.
But I can still find lots of things that I'm grateful for.

That's doesn't mean you have to make something in the gratitude theme, it could be any number of things.C'mon, play along with us!

And because I put a bit of raffia on this, I'm linking up with Gingersnap Creations
(I couldn't think of anything very creative to do with the raffia, try as I might,
but I'm never one to let a little detail like that stop me from playing along.)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my 'merican friends!

The Hanukka Song

The Belles of
 challenged us this week to make a non-traditional Holiday card.  Such as a Hanukka card.
I just happen to have a Hanukka stamp in my card-arsenal, so this should have been easy.  (WHY is nothing ever easy???)  (she says with a wail in her voice.)
All sorts of things did not go according to plan (wha does that even surprise me?),
but I DID get a card made.  And it's kind of pretty, if I do say so myself.
And in case you are thinkg that I spelled "Chanukah" incorrectly and that was one of the things that didn't go according to plan, and well, Electra must have said, oh the hell with it...
NOT SO, gentle readers.
I grew up in a Jewish neighbourhood and "Chanukah" is another way of spelling "Hanukka".
That is your lesson for the day.
Now go out there and use the word "gefilte fish" in a sentence!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


My workdesk always looks kind of mucky, I think.
I have this nice new white studio, and this old, stained cutting mat on top of my desk.
HOWEVER, the mat is such a great tool, that I just cannot give it up.
I originally got it when I was making quilts obssessively (much the same way as I do paper art now)
What you see is Halloween fixin's that I got at Mikey's for 90% off.  I still have 6 Halloween inchies to swap...some of us just won't let go.
And you see a domino book I am making of teeny-tiny little Queens.
And a Christmas decoration for use in 36 Christmas inchies I need to get started on.
You can see lots more, less mucky workdesks at
C'mon, show us yours!

Grungy Monday 27

This tag was made using Tim Holtz' instructions that you can find
And you won't believe this, but three things I needed to follow Tim's instructions, I was given by my friend Carol just this past weekend!  How cool is that?
Not only did I make this for this week's
but it's also the very last day of this fortnight's "Time" challenge at my EWV group.
I made this one from the leftover Perfect Pearls spray and a stamp I've been itching to use.

2 for 1!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sticky (maybe not that sweet)

That's what the Belles at
have given us this week as a challenge:
Make a card along the lines of "Sticky and Sweet".
So I used some stickers I had in my Christmas stash
and made a "step-up" card that I learned from my friend Carol, this past weekend..
The words "Cool Yule" are one of those brass embossing plates that I got at a Loonie store.
(for the Americans in the crowd, a Loonie store is a dollar store.)
I inked it with Barn Red Distress Ink and covered it with Rock Candy Distress Crackle Paint.
I thought that made it look kind of chilly.

About two hours ago a storm hit.
I use the word  "Hit" because that's exactly what it did.
It HIT us.
I had to go out in it, so I guess maybe this card is sweet.
Compared to what's going on outside.
At least you don't need a 4x4 to enjoy it, at any rate!