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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


This was so much fun to make!

credits: Crowabout Studios, Amanda Sok, Rian Designs, Carole Neale,
Bonnie Zeiman, Melissa Renfro, and Tumblefish Studios.

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Monday, May 27, 2013

Collage Obsession

this week has an open theme.
What to make, what to make?
It's true, you know.

Credits: Gecko Galz, Studio Lorie, Joanne Brisbois, Brandy Murry

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Sunday, May 26, 2013


The Belles at
have asked us to
Tie A Holiday Ribbon around the Christmas Tree!
(sung to the tune of Tie a Yellow Ribbon...........)
I have this spectacular ribbon that I got on sale after Christmas at Mikey's
(you know, those 70% off sales that you buy a lot of stuff you never use?)
and I used some of it.
Yeah, I used, what 5 inches of it?
Argh, what else am I going to use it for..............

Check out the other ribbons fantasmagorial Chrismas cards at
and maybe even use up some of your own 70% off ribbon!


So here's the thing.
When I was a little girl, I loved a series of books about
Pookie The Wonder Rabbit
Pookie was the most wonderful winged 
rabbit in the world and he (or she?  I never knew) 
got into and out of the most amazing situations.
For years I have been asking folks if they knew of Pookie,
but alas, no one had.
until now!
My good friend Carole was over one day, sharing
some digital files with me, and 
lo and behold,she had some covers of the Pookie books! 
I was so excited, 
I had to use one of the covers in my Bubbles piece for
the Take A Word challenge this week.
 The Pookie books are written and illustrated by Ivy Wallace.  
I used one of her covers for the background.

Other credits belong to:Theresa Kavouras, Joanne Brisbois,
and Kim Klassen

I also made another piece, cus I was outside playing with the 
bubble juice I bought for my grandson.

It was so funny watching him try to catch the bubbles 
and of course, they would burst.
 After a number of tries, he just threw his hands up as if to say,
"I give up!"
Are they born with that gesture???
My photo and additional elements by Maya de Groot and Holliewood Studios.

Now check out the other bubblelicious art at

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Finally, I THINK spring may be here...

But that doesn't mean I'm right.

Isn't this interesting?

Mother and Son
(My daughter is on the right and grandson is on the left.)

This Week's Quotography


credits:  Gecko Galz, Crowabout Studios, Rosie Posie.
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Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's snowing!!!!

just down the road from me.

credits:  Eana's Creation, Bluesse, Amanda Sok

Feel sorry for me please.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just Because

Logan said his first words today!
"Brekkie" (as in breakfast, the boy does love to eat)
and "What's That?"
Big smile from grandma here.

The kid's a genius.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lunagirl Moondbeams Diva

I was blurfing the other day (blog-surfing=blurfing)
and found a wonderdul site with a monthly challenge that I decided to create something for.

How can one NOT make something, with such a lovely blog name?
The theme is Diva.
I think this works,

credits:  Sissy Sparrows, Sukura, Lisa's Altered Art, Bonnie Zeiman,
Holliewood Studios and Amanda Sok.

Thanks for looking I hope you check out their site as well:

Monday, May 20, 2013


Elements by Cajoline and Clementine Designs

Thanks for stopping by.  Now get to bed.
and so shall I.

One Word

(with a definition)
credits: Crystal Rain, Holliewood Studios, Lisa's Altered Art

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just Because

Credits:  The Painted Nest, Clementine Design, Syndee Nuckles, Amanda Sok, Createwing Designs, Studio Tangie and Julie White
Have a funny day!

Chat Noir

Challenge #157 at 
yes, you guessed it,
Chat Noir!
Fot those of you who do not speak Francais, that means
Black Cat!
That should tell you that we are inviting you to create something
either Black or Cat, or Black and Cat.
As with all of our illustrious challenges at
we leave your creative interpretation of our theme entirely up to you. 
I hope I see you at our challenge, 
not only can you create something wonderful 
and link up with us before Saturday, June 1,
you can take a moment and welcome our newest Poobette, Chat Noir.

Thanks for stopping by!

Credits are by:  Fidlette Designs, Lisa's Altered Art, Bluesse, Studio Tangie,
Holliewood Studios and Studio Dawn Inskip

Saturday, May 18, 2013


The current Readers Art Quest 2 challenge at
Paper Flowers
So I made a card that I can use to send some ATC's 
for a "Periwinkle Blue" ATC challenge.
(I'll show you the ATC's as well in another post, but they aren't as nice as my card.)
I tried to photograph it so I could show you 
that I used Glossy Accents to make the flower dimensional
Can you tell?
I used A LOT of Glossy Accents.  lol
The gorgeous flower stamp is by Stampendous.
I use it a lot, it's really pretty, I think.

Thanks for stopping by. 
 I hope you check out the other submissions at
and maybe even join in with this challenge!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


this week:

A Wizard of Oz Extravaganza!!

A two-parter:

credits:  Amanda Sok, Clemetine Designs, Beth Rimmer, Bonnie Zeiman
and the lion is googled.

What can I say?  My muse is on vacation.

Credits:  Hidden Vintage Studios, Finecrafted Designs, 
and Holliewood Studios

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Merry and Bright

This is my card for this week's
I haven't participated in the Jingle Belles challenge for EVAH!

I hope to see you there admiring all the other cards, as I plan to do.


can you see the staircase?
Thanks for looking.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mothers (and daughters)

This week's word at

And, this week's theme at

Happy Mother's Day!  
(ps, as a result of a couple of comments,
I'm the old one, not the young one, but I am flattered.  lol!  


Mind Wide Open

This month at
we were given a really nice image to work with:
You agree, right, it's a lovely cabinet card?
And we were invited to do anything we like with this image.
 I was in a spring-timey-clean out my stashy kind of mood.
Sometimes a gilr's just got to go paper instead of digital, ya know?
I hope you will visit and see the wonderful ways in which all the artists have used this precious image.
(and of course, hopefully, give me your vote! lol)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


for this week's
Off to work now.  Have a great day!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Everything Wendy Vecchi

I made a quick tag for our EWV group.  
I have no idea what I am going to do with all the tags I makes,
 but I sure do love doing them.
The background was sprayed, using a Stencil Girl stencil, with Glimmer Mist 
and then some Distress Stain.  
All the stamps of course are Wendy's,  
and the other little doodads (cus I'm a doodad kind of girl) are by K&Co.

I always like to see you here!

When I grow up

or maybe I won't...
Sunday Postcard Art

Fashionista by Gecko Galz

Sunday, May 5, 2013


We have bears here.  They're a bit different though.

Ours are not quite so friendly.

Our LIttle Cowpoke

Are you sick of pics of my grnadson yet?
Well, get used to it, cus I am NEVAH going to stop. lol
credits: Coreen Silke, Syndee Nuckles
and thanks to my friend Carole for the new treasures.

Stone Angel

Elements used are by Catherine Designs, Dido Designs,
Laurie Anderson and Shadowhouse Creations

Thanks for stopping by.  See you at

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Bouquet For You!

Challenge 156 at
is to make something with flowers on it.
Or about flowers, or scented like a flower, or that reminds you of a flower....
Well, you get it.
We're easy to get along with.
I was actually thinking about thwat to make and blurfing a little bit
(blog-surfing:  blurfing)
and saw that at
the Reader's Art Quest for this month is to create something with 5 or more flowers.
5 or more.
I'm at little OCD, what can I say?

You have until the end of Saturday, May 18th
to link up your aromatic extravaganza with us at
I'll see you there!

Night Skies

It's time for a brand new challenge at
Sherry has chosen Night Skies-
Dark blue, silver, white etc for our theme 
and the possibilities abound!
Images used are by Itkupilli, Cajoline, Amanda Frijo-Tobin, and Bleuesse
I hope you visit Soartful Challenges
to see all the gorgeous inspiration there.
You have until May 30th to join in and link up your evening art-
we look forward to seeing your creations!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Still here

I have not been at the computer for days. I just had to sit down and do something and this is it.
Hopefully I'll be back at it on the weekend.
I miss art.
And my friends.
Nightie- Night.