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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday Fill Ins

I can't believe _there is more snow coming on the weekend._.
2. _Free Margueritas _ for everyone.

3. How can I _make you understand, I don't want to work late tonight?_.

4. _Whole-wheat Spaghetti with bacon, asparagus and cherry tomatoes_ was the last thing I cooked.

5. Six of one _is one more than five of one_.
6. _Give up my popcorn twists?!; nonono!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _hanging out with a friend_, tomorrow my plans include _I don't know yet_ and Sunday, I want to  _do whatever I want to._!
funny pictures - Why, yes... ...I iz happy 2 see u Why u ask?
see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!

Grungy Monday Number One

and yes, I DO know it's Thursday.
Grungy Monday has begun folks. 
Whistle, Clap, Cheer!
Now my Mondays have meaning again!
Here is the tag I made:
Isn't this a great stamp?  It's by Suzy-Q.
And the rest of the tag, well, it's based on his legendness Tim Holtz and his 12 Tags of Christmas 2008, Tag 10.
Yes it is.
Now here's the thing.
I have this drawer full of tags.
of tags.
And I said to myself, "Self?
You need to make use of these tags."
So the deal is, if I make a tags, I will use it in something else.
Or mail it to a friend.
Or give it to the cat.
Or something equally deep.
I've used this tag in a Layout.

I think it works.
Now go see Linda over at Studio L3 and check out the amazinf artwork in the first of many Grungy Mondays to come!

P.S.  My lovely daughter took these pictures. 
Call me biased, but I think she's very talented.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

We be wordless. 
Be wordless with others here


For every inchie I've shown you in the last few posts, I received one someone else made in a swap exchange.  I discovered the cat chewing on one, one day, and so,
have been putting them in an "Inchie Binder" for safekeeping. 
 I found these holders on a trip to the coast-aren't they great?
And love live the cat!
See lots more WOYWWED over at Julia's The Stamping Ground.

Get to Work

I had planned to make something for the Gingersnap Creations Get to work Challenge

But then, I found out that Challenge #96  this week over at
The Order of the Opus Gluei is to use fabric.

So I used fabric in my Get To Work piece.

Everything on here is either from my stash or the wonderful wacky world of the Internet.
So I don't have to give you any credits!  Hah!
Now go visit The Order of the Opus Gluei and
You will be so glad I sent you over there!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More mail

I received this in the mail to day from

 I won it from her wonderful blog in the One World, One Heart Event!
Aren't I blessed?
Thank you Kristin!!

More of 100 Themes

I need to post some more of my digital pieces for the Digital Whisper 100 Themes challenge, cus my desk is overflowing with little pieces of paper........never mind, I just need to........

Oh, wait!  I will say before I begin that I figured out how to make my own photo masks!
Whistle, Clap, Cheer, Electra!!!




and Happiness
OK, I'm done.

Now for the little scraps of paper:

Eyes-my own photo, word art by Amanda Sok, swirls and flower brushes by Coby17, assorted unknown textures
Heaven-my own photo of our Mormon Tabernacle (and no, I'm not Mormon), Internet image of Jesus' eyes (and no, I'm not Christian), wings by k2idlo, hearts and wings by Syndee Nickles, assorted unknown textures
Soft-image of woman by MissCarriage, border by correensilke, background by Vinnie Pearce, bubble brush by titoff77, and I made my own photo mask out of a frame by House of 3.
Male-male images by Dezinaworld, Lisa's Altered Art and Google, image of fighting men painted by Dante, theatre and valance by Holliewood, unknown texture
Home-my own photograph, family by Lisa's altered Art, lantern, shelf, lamp, bear, and coffee table-unknown, couch by cajoline, unknown frame, pant and pear by Holliewood, some unknown textures and some textures by Kim Klassen, valance by Fiddlette, background by Catherine Designs
Time-my photo, my negative, clock brush by charlie54, brush stamp by Fiddlette, paper by Amanda Sok, unknown bird brush
Happiness-my photo of girl, mannequins by Beth Rimmer, background by Createwings Designs, unknown birds, bluebird and sequins by the Gilded Bee, wordart by Danielle Donaldson


Monday, March 28, 2011


I've been making inchies.  Inchies for swaps, inchies for gifts, inchies for fun, inchie, inchie, inchies.  It's my friend Jana's fault.  She invited me to an inchie swap group and my life has never been the same since.  Thanks Jana!
No, I mean it,

I thought it would be a good idea to suck you into my inchie-hell and perhaps you'll get bitten by the inchie-bug as well.  I'll give you Jana's home phone number. 
Tell her I sent you.

1. Animal Inchies

2. Vintage Inchies

3. Spring Inchies
4. Valentine's Inchies
5. Still More Vintage Inchies
6. Tim Holtz-ish Inchies
Please don't ask me to give you sources for any of these elements. I would have to have a drink in front of me to even contemplate doing that.  And I don't mean water.
Suffice it to say, I use the Internet a lot.  And my stash.

(Well, actually, feel free to ask me, just send me an email.)

Hey, did anyone on the news tonight about Skippy The Raccoon
who had a peanut butter jar stuck on his head?
Never mind.

I'm checking myself into an inchie-treatment program tomorrow.

Write to me, will ya?
And send inchies.
Just disguise them as ATC's.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blooms-this week at Take A Word

As I said, this week you have the next seven days to play along with us at
one of the way-coolest challenge blogs in the blogiverse!

Background-Fidlette Designs
Parachute-Wish Bliss Studio
Little Girl-Lisa's Altered Art
Flower hat and skirt and jewel-chez ZaZa

Multi-Coloured Embossing

This is a Glitz stamp that I used this cool technique on.
Don't yo think it turned out great?
I do.
tee hee

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I don't want you to think

I only do digital.
Heaven forbid.
I like to swap too.
Isn't that wild?
only it wasn't vintage when I grew up in it.
Well, I didn't actually grow up IN it.
There was a house around it.
So the ATC's I received are so wonderful, I want to show you.
First, by Betsy Lute, who also coordinated this swap:
Then, by Julie Abercrombie, the mixer,
and by Carol Raven, the fridge.
I love each of them.
And it's only fitting that I show you mine too:

You should swap too.  It's a blast!!


I forgot last week all about Soartful Challenges which I LOVE!
Boo Hoo.
Can't believe it, WAY too much going on in my life right now.
HOWEVER, I did today's challenge.
Jeanette presented us with this lovely image
BIG Wow.  I really like this. 
And she talked about Thailand, where my girl and I went a few years ago. 
The trip of a lifetime, it was.
So it was easy for me to root around on my hard drive and come up with something that fit.
At least I think it fits.
I started with this:

It's one of my favorite images from the whole entire trip.
And this is what I did to it.
Unfortunately, I can't give you any credits, as I used a bunch of unknown brushes and textures that I found on the Internet ages ago.  And I painted. 
And I layered on some also unknown papers.
I'm getting better at making sure I have identifiers on everything I get now, but I ain't there yet.  Not by far.
I hope you like it.

I have a routine now.

Saturdays I try to do up some fun challenges.  That's what I did today, after spending 5 hours in the great outdoors taking 400 (count em) 400! photographs.  It is to-die-for gorgeous out there today.  Not warm-gorgeous, PRETTY gorgeous.  See?
Look at the size of this hoarfrost!

Is that cool or what???
I have to tell you tho, I had on two pairs of pants, three tops, my coat, hat, scarf, gloves and boots. (and socks and underwear, but you don't need to know that)
OK, back to my routine that I came to tell you about.
I got some things made today.
Peggy gave us this AWESOME image:
I LURVES this image.
So I proceeded to make something with it, nothing particular in mind.
I also have this great image by frozenoverstock of Deviant Art:
Are you with me?
So I played around and eventually, the eggs disappeared and
kind of melted into the other image. 
But I don't have a picture of that.  :-(
THEN I decided that since Peggy mentioned
in her post, I thought I should do something eggy.
which led to the Easter bunny coming around the corner. 
I don't have a picture of that either. 
 :-(   But the Easter bunny is by Lisa's Altered Art.
THEN I thought there should be a big egg.  And a chicken sitting on it. 
 I don't have a picture of that either.  :-( 
Is anyone sensing a pattern here?
Both the egg and the chicken (or it may be a rooster, I don't know) are by Lisa's Altered Art.
And since I was on a Lisa's Altered Art roll, I added one of her little boys, who is not convinced. 
Convinced of what?  you ask.
I DO have a picture of that.

And THAT, my friends, is what I made for Friday Foto Collage
I never meant to tell you the whole story, otherwise I would have had pictures. 
Oh well, you get the picture.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday Fill Ins

1. Why does it _matter, really?_.

2. _tablespoon_ is equal _to 2.5 teaspoons, I think_.

3. My favorite breakfast includes _Nachos and cheese_.

4. _Orange is the new black_ was the last book I read _and it was really interesting_.

5. I am SO glad _this week is almost over_.

6. _A back rub and come to think of it, a foot rub_ would make me feel better right now.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to _some crafting_, tomorrow my plans include _more crafting_ and Sunday, I want to _craft_!

I need some crafting for my soul.

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Gingersnapper Spirit Blog Hop-Part 2

OK, I'm home now and can post the creations I made for this wonderful blog hop.

(I was so frazzled this morming, I forgot to say that!)
I really made something!  These ATC's are a bit less "busy" than my usual stuff, but I like them a lot.
The backgrounds are made by chalking and using distress ink and an unknown stamp on watercolour paper.  The shells are made with Dreamweaver stencils and paste, using a technique I haven't done for ages.  I'm so glad I found the fixins when I cleaned my studio.  lol
And the rest of the elements are from my stash.
Thanks for looking and if you've come back after my original post, THANK YOU!
Now I am going to go admire all the other artwork and then go to bed.  Travelling makes me tired.

Gingersnapper Spirit Blog Hop

I made this self-portrait when my hair was ginger-colooured.
See the dumb look on my face?  That's how I look right now.
This is Not what I made for the blog hop. Nosirree.
THAT is on my jump drive on my desk about 3 hours south of the hotel room I am currently sitting in.
I forgot to bring it.
So in lieu of that, I give you this:
  It is ginger and rust-ish and I pulled both of these from earlier posts on my blog.
But it is not what I had planned to show you.
I am so sorry!
Please go visit the other artists at the the Gingersnapper Blog Hop
You'll find some awesome work there!!
(Please forgive me)

Yoo Hoo!  I've returned home from my trip and posted my planned projects for this wonderful event in my next post!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

See more Wordless Wednesdays here

Friday Foto Collage

Have you been there yet?
If not, why not?
Listen.  You can go there now.  I'll hold your cookie while you're gone.
I will.
Your loss.
I, on the other hand go there every Friday.
And I like to take part in her challenges.
So there.
Each week Peggy gives us some photos to play with.  That's why it's called Friday Foto Collage. (duh)
Photos like this one:
which can then be turned into this

Now I originally downloaded this house from the Internet, intending to use it for the "Colour" theme for Digital Whisper's 100 Themes.
 But it accidentally morphed into what you see here.

you want to go visit Peggy at Friday Foto Collage

Hey, while we're at it, I'll show you a few more of the pieces I've been working on for the 100 Themes Challenge  I wouldn't want you to think I'm not doing anything, after all.

Past Days


and to bring you down from the last one,


For those who are interested, credits:
Motherhood-Internet image, techno brush and wordart by Amanda Sok, other brushes from Brusheezy, textures by Kim Klassen
Past Days-image and ephemera by Dezinaworld, clock by Laurie Anderson, white flourish and lace, and butterflies by Amanda Sok, overlay by Gypsy Chicks, unknown photo mask and textures
Revolver-Internet image, microphone by DCWV digital, paper by Doris Castle, unknown brushes and textures
Tranquil-background paper by Chris ford, patterned paper, lantern, and Japanese word by Numbumm, overlay by Gypsy Chicks, my own crystal ball photo.

Need to go find some chocolate now.
(That's why I wanted to hold your cookie.)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I know.
It's spelled wrong.
Don't care.
I like it better this way.
This week's word at Take A Word is "Architecture".
I thought I should spell it correctly for that, cus they did.
And I was majorly stumped.  I tried a few different things and they all looked like ca-ca.
I decided to give up and skip this week.
But my OCD would not let me do that.
It's an ATC.
I took an Internet image of blueprints.
Then an Internet image of some rolled up paper building plans.
Then an Internet image of "Caution" signs.
Then a quote by Ayn Rand that seemed to sum it all up perfectly.
(in my brain anyways)
And some textures.
And a tire track brush.
And we're done.

In case you're wondering why I'm posting 47 times this evening, I could tell you it's because my sleeping pill hasn't kicked in yet.
Or I could tell you, it's cus I have a 16 hour day tomorrow and then am going out of town for a few days.
Or I could tell you, "Cus I feel like it".
Pick one.
They all work.
Have a funny day tomorrow.
Unless of course, you have other plans.