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Sunday, March 11, 2012

OK, I'm almost embarrassed to admit this

but I started out editing a picture of flying pigs that I took.
They weren't real, they were painted on the side of a building.
And then I added a picture I took of clouds.
And then I added a picture I took of a barn.
And then it seemed like a waste to just close it all and never think about it again, so I added a frame.
And a lady,
and, well, you get the picture..
OK, I admit it, I don't have a life.
At least not one outside the one between my ears.

Many thanks to RianDesigns for the lady and all the flowers.
And to Kim Klassen and Bonnie Zeiman for the textures.
And to Kim Meeder and Priss Designs for the frames
and to Paula Wright, and Amanda Fraijo-Tobin and Jofia Designs for the lovely embellies.

I should go eat now.
Sometimes I forget.


  1. Love it...that is one you should frame and put on your walll...just to reflect her putting it on the wall...that would be cool

  2. WoW, this is so cool ... love it!!

  3. Hehe! I think you have a very rich life.

  4. I ADORE the life between your ears and the magical creativity that flows through your hands. I really admire the way you can take such varied elements and meld them into 1 beautiful image.


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