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Sunday, April 8, 2012


I've never heard of a skinny, have you?
The talented folks at 
provided me with the dimensions and TADA!
Nothing fancy, but you need to cut me some slack. 
 It has now been a full week that I have been sick in bed.  :-(
Thanks to Dezinaworld, Joni Gray,  Doris Castle, and  Dido Designs
Make sure you go to 
to get the dimensions and make your own skinny!!


  1. This is fantastic Electra! Love the window panels and great "male" images!!

  2. Boy, there's nothing like a man in a hat!

  3. You don't need any slack, Electra. This is a superb piece of art. Beautiful use of the frames and vintage images. I LOVE IT!
    So glad you're feeling better!

  4. About a skinny ; I had once read it somewhere but why it has to be exactly that size ? I realy don't know.
    I didn't know you were sick so let me send a few virtual vitamins to you Patti !!!
    A beautiful piece btw!!!
    Aaaahh these elegant men !♥

  5. I'm sorry you're sick,Electra,and sure hope you feel better soon. Your illness has not affected your art, though! I love your "skinny" gentlemen!

  6. Hope you feel better soon.
    This is a great piece. Love the vintage men. :)

  7. Vitaminas virtuais?!
    também estou enviando à você vitaminas virtuais!!!

  8. Wow! Patti, this is superb in every way. I love grungy vintage and this is a magnificent example of the art. Love those curved window frames and the supercilious gents!! Perfection.

  9. 'Watching all the girls go by,' what a great skinny, Electra! I do hope you recover soon!

  10. I love it - I'm trying to read those men's thoughts!
    Hoe you feel better soon.

  11. Get well soon dear! Your skinny is glorious. Love those windows. Perfect! xx

  12. Wouaouh Electra! You're very good at artwork even sick!
    I'm fan of it each time more!!
    I hope you'll be well very soon!
    Big kisses my friend!

  13. Oh, shame you've not been well, but it certainly doesn't show in this gorgeous piece which is fab.

  14. Hope you are feeling better, Electra.
    Your Skinny guys are great and the Easter doggy is hilarious!

    I've tried :(
    Well, I'm really sorry, I really don't know...
    When I leave a message on my post in blogger, I easyly find the possibility, but not there in the comments...

  16. Yes I have tried to make myself a Skinny for years...I finally succeded this week...who knew it was so easy. Your's is fabulous by the your great vintage gentlemen and their gorgeous frames beautiful work!

  17. Electra, your skinny is wonderful! I've wondered why they are called "skinnies" but what the heck, they're fun to make. Sorry you are sick. I'm down with bronchitis and sinus infections, so yuck! Hope you are well very quickly...keep making your fantastic art!


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