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Sunday, November 18, 2012


I don't believe I've seen you over at
Have I?
Why is that?
You're busy, you say?
Humphf. (take THAT, spell-check)
You probably don't even know that there is a fantastic new challenge right now.
We are inviting you to create something 3-dee.
Three-Dimensional to you more cerebral folk.
(which I am not)
I made an album of some of my favorite tree photos.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough hands to really photograph this well.  
But I did the best I could.
 It's a series of "library pockets"
which hold my photos.

The photos are just photos, nothing special.  Places I love to visit.
Have I given you an idea of the 3-2 edness of my album?
If not, you can come to visit.
Turn left at google.
I'll have the coffee on.


  1. I LOVE your clever library pockets photo album, and the postcards you created are beautiful. Blessings!

  2. Oooooh dear, this is fantastic indeed!
    I wish I could do this kind of treasure, with your jewels card in it!
    Love! :)

  3. Lovely book, Electra! xx


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