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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Soartful Mid-Month Reminder

You still have time to create something festive and tweetish over at
(and NO I don't "tweet" 
 I never will.  
I consider it belly-button gazing.  
OK, I'm a curmudgeon.
I will likely have to eat my words at some point.
Just like computers. 
And cell phones.
I said I would never get either of them.
Ate those words with a large dash of sheepishness.

But I digress
The theme at Soartful Challenges
currently is
Bird Life with a Winter Twist
You can get all the deets at 
I'll see you over there!

Thanks to Finecrafted Designs, Holliewood Studios,
 Laurie Anderson and and Bonnie Zeiman for their chilly but festive elements!

And thanks to you  for stopping by!!

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