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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Operation Charity Card

Challenge #150 at
is to make a card for a charity.
Grand Poobah Jana says it so much better than I:
This time around I am challenging you to do good. I would like for you to create cards for a charity. It doesn't matter what the charity. Just make cards for someone who can use a smile or an encouraging word or two.

There are some fantabulous cards at The Order, Yessirree Bob!
Here's mine:
I work at a non-profit agency, and we had a man's birthday coming up, so I made him this.
Normally, we buy our birthday cards.
Well, surprise, surprise, everyone liked it so much than I am now the official card-maker for all the birthdays.
How did THAT happen?

Oh well, as you can tell, it was pretty easy.
Thanks to a Tim Holtz stamp and 
some paper I have had in my stash for, I estimate, for 15 years.
You have until Saturday, Feb. 23rd to link up with us at
Go there.
You'll make someone happy.


  1. Hello happy card-maker! Hihihi!
    This one is perfect you know?
    I understand all of them, because they want one for themselves... :)

  2. Uh oh, sounds like you've found your charity! Well, of course they would select you to make all the cards - you make lovely cards!

    This is a great one and I like that sentiment.


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