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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Self Portrait

I have to admit that when Bonnie said this week's theme would be 
I said to myself, "Well, THAT will never happen."
But then I decided to play around.
This is what I got...
with the help of Bonnie's testures:
Artist, Artist's Easel, Abstract Scratches and Dream Wonder

and I'm OK with you seeing it.

See lots more artists at
and maybe even do a self portrait of your own!

Thanks for looking.
(and thanks to Bonnie's textures for giving me the courage to do this!)


  1. Electra, this is beautiful! What a wonderful piece!

  2. Wow - what you did in your processing is gorgeous! I'm so glad you gave it a try. You are right to crown yourself 'Artist'!!!

  3. I love the way you processed this. Very artistic and clever. Gives a real sense of who you are.

  4. Beautiful result. The structure and textures/colouring are perfect.

  5. I love this and love where the 579 Artist landed too! ~Diane

  6. Well, this is just fabulous, Electra! Nice to see you.xx

  7. love this. such a fun Journey through PAF this week, "meeting" people in unexpected and wondrous ways.

  8. And just what are you cooking???

    I was like you.....not a fan of portraits of me! Your portrait is the real you and wonderfully done!

  9. Great affects if in motion and it tells a lot about you..

  10. I really love how you used the textures here. Looks like a lovely shot of you too!

  11. Delightful edit and very creative.

  12. Electra, I think it gets easier after you once take the plunge and post it. I like what you did with the textures here.


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