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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Black and White Weekend

OK, I have to explain this.
I live next to a cemetery. I love it.
It's a very old cemetery, the graves around the edge 
are from the late 1800's.
Well, the other day, I came home and there was a truck, 
with a generator and a "Toaster"
in the ground.
Huh?  A TOASTER???
Long story short, for 5 days this "toaster" ran, 
I guess sending pressurized steam into the ground, 
to make it warm enough to dig for a grave.

5 days later, sure enough, there was a funeral.

And after, the bulldozers came back and piled the dirt and snow
and tried to make it like it was before the event.

My cemetery used to be perfect 
and white and unmarked and pristine.
Now it's got a pile of dirty snow in the middle of it.

Such is life, I guess.
And death.

Moral of the story?
Don't die in the winter here.
It's very complicated.

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you are warm.
And alive.  :-)

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  1. What an unusual photo. I have wondered recently how people can be buried when the ground is deep-frozen. Shame about the resulting mess though.

  2. You'll find my B&W post at my B&W Blog:

  3. That is quite an unusual story!

  4. Interesting photo and really unusual story!


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