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Friday, June 20, 2014

Use Your Stuff

Challenge #140 at Use Your Stuff
Father's Day
So I made a LO of my own dad when he was young.
I actually have the letter that he wrote to my Mother
the first day after they were wed.
He called her by her new married name,
drew a stamp on it
and wrote,
"I Love You,
Sincerely yours,
Charles A Perry"

How cool is that?!?

Thanks for coming by so I can introduce you to my dad!
(and that's my mom up in the corner)


  1. This is an absolutely beautiful Heritage page. Thank you for creating with us at Use Your Stuff.

  2. This is so magical!Your father was such a handsome sweet man!

  3. This is the most special piece of yours I've ever seen, and it's obvious that a lot of love went into making it. I can also see where you got your creativity and sense of humor from. Blessings, my friend!

  4. this is a beautiful piece and an incredibly precious memory!@ and also congrats on joining the design team at Gecko Galz! xo

  5. What an awesome page and great memory to have!!
    Since you liked Amanda's card so well email me and I will send you the image so you can make your own card!!

    Kathy D.


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