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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sugar Plums

is the current challenge at

(Have I told you lately that they rock?)

For my first card I used some very old paper that I
have no earthly idea why I bought,
as I don't like it in the least.
But I have to admit, it is perfect for this challenge.

Then, I used some awesome vintage playing cards
I actually WON! from
the very same Jingle Belles last year!
I will have to look through my
cadre of friends, to see
who would be the most suitable
to receive this little gem!

I can guarantee you,
there will be someone!

Thanks for coming by,

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  1. Look at you ... so clever and fun ... I adore both cards ... who wouldn't love a little candy for Christmas ... so very glad you *took a header* with us at Jingle Belles.

  2. omg! soooooooooo cool! best use ever of the candyland card, as well! as usual, you ROCK, missus, in your own unique way!!! <3 <3 <3


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