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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Challenge #190

It's VACATION time at
We are challenging you for Challenge #190
to create something with the theme of
The sky is the limit.
Where would you go if you copuld go anywhere?
Or where were you last?
Or make a card for a friend who is leaving on a trip...
Or, or, or,....
Yup, that's where I would LIKE to be...
This is where I was last.
And this, my friends, is where I will be as soon as summer returns.
It does that here.  
It's like Mother Nature has indigestion and once she is feeling better,
we are back to normal.

Where do YOU vacation?
Link us with us at
and we'll stop by and say HI!


  1. As always you are quite creative. I'm trying to guess where the places are in your first two pieces. I'd like a nice rocking chair like that.

  2. Your work is so magical. I love looking at it all here. Your background on your page is really lovely.


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