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Sunday, December 14, 2014

That Pesky Number Verification

This post is really about contributing this fun piece to

The theme is Anything Goes

credits:  Bluesse, Mind Over Matter Collaboration, MCDesigns, JM Designs

 Having done that, I also want to take a quick moment to tell you how to get rid of the number verification that Evil Blogger has put on EVERYONE'S blog without telling us.

Go into your settings/posts and comments/ and "embed" your posts.
I learned it from a sister on Gecko Galz Design Team. 
And voila!  It is gone!

If you already have the Word Verification set up on your blog,
and now your visitors have to do this as well,
you may lose comments.

Besides, how many robots are there REALLY in the world, anyhow?
And don't the ones who do visit have a right to leave a comments????
Evil Blogger.

Have a funny day!
Electra, Over and Out.


  1. You know, if the robots leave nice, relevant comments and not just robot nonsense, I am in favor os's just evolution, ya know!

  2. Love all the individual images as well as the whole terrific picture.
    It's actually easier than that, just ignore the robot thing and post your comment. It accepts the comment without the code and robots must be having a ball.

  3. So glad you joined us for our CHNC extra challenge this month with this wonderful creation!!
    Hope to see you back for our next challenge :)


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