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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Street Art

This is actually, highway art, I suppose.
On a road trip last summer, 
we stopped and discovered some ruins of an old bridge or something 
and it was full of glorious graffiti.
So my grandson is yelling to get an echo and
I am just plain happy.
credits:  Itkupilli, Dido Designs, Studio Tangie, Dawn Inskip,
Crowabout Studio and Eena's Creation.

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  1. Love your wonderful family collages they are the best.

  2. Your graffiti is made more special with your personal photo, Electra, so vibrant!

  3. Oh, how very cool! The fun of found art!!

  4. What gorgeous graffiti, and what a happy moment captured. Thanks so much for sharing.

  5. I always love that you include family in many of your pieces of art, Patti. The graffiti is immense.

  6. Fabulous Electra and your grandson is a real cutie (and so are you!)

  7. Love this! You both look so full of joy!

  8. You look so happy, my friend! It makes me happy too!
    Logan looks very vigorous and funny! :D
    The graffiti is huge and your collage is wonderful, as ever! :)


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