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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Phone Booth

You don't see them anymore.
I remember using them.
(showing my age here).
I also remember saying I would never get a cell phone.
Or a computer.
But then in 1959,
my dad said of our first Television,
"It'll never catch on."
I guess it runs in the family.
credits:  Beth Rimmer, Itkupilli,
Finecrafted Designs, Bonnie Zeiman, Studio Tangie.

(Check it out, they have great challenges!)

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  1. LOL, right there with you! Ah the good 'ol days ☺Deb xo

  2. what a strange idea!
    Herzlich Pippa

  3. You really don't see phone booths much anymore and from the "creepy" feel of these booths I don't think I'd want to. Your piece is very creative.

  4. Who knew how many things you could do with a phone booth this is hilarious, and creepy and weird and wonderful work.

  5. Patti, your piece cracks me up. Please share some of your imagination and talent with me.

  6. What a wonderful piece of artwork. Love it!
    Thanks so much for playing in my challenge :)


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