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Sunday, October 18, 2015

(Spider) Webs

This is for this week's Sunday Postcard Art

Now I have to be honest.
I am phobically-terrified of
and so when/if I do use any in my art,
I have to not look at them.
I know, weird, right?

At any rate, this morning I am up and sitting at the puter,
and making some art for the first time
in two weeks.
So that's a good thing.
Even if it IS with

credtis:  Gecko Galz, Studio Rosey Posey, Dawn Inskip,
2Lil Owls, and Studio Tangie

Thanks for coming by, you know I just LOVE to see you!


  1. Dear Electra, I hope you feel better. Even with spiders.
    Not the worst animals - not the worst things happening in the world!
    Your accident or whatever there happened surely was worse!
    Have a good week, goog health-wishes from Pippa

  2. What a delightful Halloween treat!
    I am not fond of Halloween but this is just a darling piece :)

  3. This is fantastic! Great mix of elements combined in this. And I like the small square confetti in places. This card is magical!!

  4. Everything a Halloween postcard should be! Good to see your phobia didn't deter you.


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