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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


It's that time again,
when the illustrious
(and very very artsy)Three Muses post their new challenge for the week.
It makes me want to take flight!
No, wait, That's the challenge:
I came down to earth just long enough
to put together this contribution to the cause:

credits:  Beth Rimmer, Xquisart, Meghan's Creations,
Traci Martin, and Joanne Brisbois,

I hope you like it.
Thanks for coming by and have a funny day!


  1. one to three, ready steady Fly! Herzlich P.

  2. Ooooh, I adoooore your balloooons my friend!
    You always surprise and amaze me, your talent is HUGE and your humour is GIGANTIC!!

  3. Very cool! So creative using the buttons as your balloons and the background is fantastic. Super fun!

  4. I love thre button balloons and the tactile fonts in this fun bit of whimsy. Beautiful work!

  5. color, color, color! the background, the balloons...just wonderful! wind 'er up!


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