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Sunday, January 24, 2016

I'm scared of

a number of things.But nothing more than
It's a Phobia, really.A major one.
In fact, when I saw the theme for the week at
I decided I simply could not play along.
So sad.
I argued with myself at great length.
Even tried to do a piece with something else.
But the fact is,
I am scared of SPIDERS.
Very, Very.
And art is about honesty, if nothing else, right?
So here you go.

I did it.

credits:  Cajoline, Berna Datema, Itkupilli

Have a nice day.
And I will try to visit your samples, but I waen you,
if you have a spider on yours,
we will no longer be friends.

That's the best I can do.  :-)


  1. You are so funny!
    Have a Happy and FUN week!

  2. LOL Electra, well done! And I'm with you, not a spider fan either! Deb xo

  3. Ha ha, I'm glad you managed to overcome your phobia, Electra .... just long enough to create this gorgeous piece. You're so brave.

  4. I have a major phobia against spiders as well, this is a fabulous page.


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