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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Walking In A Washi Wonderland

OK warning!
There are a LOT of pics in this post.

So unless you have someone making supper for you,
leave now!

Over at Jingle Belles
card challenge blog, they invited us to
create a card with Washi tape on it.
Well, I am a tad OCD sometimes.
And when I saw that,
I pulled out my humongous stash of
Washi's, both Christmas and otherwise,
and went to town.
Well to the Washi Wonderland, at any rate.
Here we go.

You may notice that I used
a couple of tapes more than once.
That's cus I love em.

Now: An important disclaimer:
I did not,
repeat DID NOT make all these
so that I could have more entries in the random draw
the Belles are having.

It's just that if I am going to
pull out my Christmas stash, I figure
I may as well do a card frenzy.
(Plus I haven't been to the Belles' place for too long, 
and I am seriously behind in my
Christmas card-making venture.)

Belles, if you come by,
I only want ONE entry in the draw.
Got it?
Or even none.
I would be OK with that.
I have WAY too much Christmas stuff as it is.

Just thanks for getting my rear
in gear.  


  1. Holy cow, you are awash in washi! ;O) Great cards Electra and thanks for the Belles reminder, it's been much too long since I visited there too. Deb xo

  2. Great cards, one and all! I love the Christmas tree tape! I'll have to look for that, cuz I don't have enough washi tape...

  3. Merry Glitzmas ... Christmas Card Frenzy ... girl, you are rockin' it ... love them all ... so glad you joined our washi wonderland at Jingle Belles.

  4. oooooooooooooooh! a fabulous overload of tape-centric merry masterpieces right here... with gorgeous use of tapes! yowza, missus! i miiiiiiight have to declare "merry glitzmas" my absolutely fave... ok, no, it's too close to call they are ALL SO AWESOME!!! thanks for joining our "washi wonderland" at JINGLE BELLES! ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. You are high-sterical!! heehee Well, you are definitely ahead on your Xmas cards!! Great cards Patty!! xx


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