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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Gecko Galz In Wonderland

Have you made your sample for
this month's customer challenge yet at
If not, why not?  
There are so many great products you can choose from at the

Here are a few examples of what you can create:

Would you like to know how to make one of these?
Pretty much everything I do these days is digital
(well, not dirty dishes or cleaning toilets, or laundry, get the picture)

So for the last one, you need a 
photo-editing program of some kind.
I use Photoshop Elements 13.
Now my instructions are going to seem 
backwards if you have never
done any digital pieces.
Be patient with me. :-)
Start with one of the Go Ask Alice collage sheets.
Crop the above image from it.
Then get out one of the Chalkboard Sentiments
collage sheets and crop the above image from that.
Apply a bevel style to the sentiment and
place over top of the Alice sheet.
Add text with the word "But".
I used the Medusa Font.
Create a new layer and add the words "she will".
Same font.
Position them where you want them.
Add the arrow
The one I used was from a blog hop quite some time ago,
it's by the Digichick.
Place it where you want it.
Duplicate the arrow a few times and
place them strategically where you want them.
Create a new layer, 4"High x 6" Wide.
Fill it with black.
Place Alice over that, kind of in the corner.
Open the black paper from the
Mad Tea Party paper pak.
Place your image over that paper, kind of in the corner.  
Add a white stroke to the top layer and a drop shadow.
Open the blue paper from the same paper pak.
Move your image over top of that,
kind of in the corner.
Do you see how we are just
repeating the process here?
Easy, right?
Add a red stroke to the top layer.
Over another paper from the same paper pak.
Place your image over that,
kind of in the corner.
Add a black stroke over that.
Go back to your Chalkboard Sentiment 
image that you cropped out and crop out
just the word "Believe" from that.
Using the magnetic lasso tool,
extract the actual banner and
place over your original piece
(that now has all those layers).
Add a white stroke to the banner.
Create one more new layer,
this is the LAST ONE!
Fill it with black.
Move the whole shebang to
that last layer.
Add a bevel style to the top layer.
I know, I know, especially
to the uninitiated, this seems like
a lot of steps.
But they are all just repeats of the first step,
for the most part.
Even a beginner can do this one!
(to tell you the truth,
it took me longer to type the directions out
than it did to make the piece!)

Now you have no excuse to not play along with our
April Customer Challenge, right?
It can be digital or paper, pens and glue.
You decide.
And remember you can get these fun 
Alice images and papers from the

We look forward to seeing your creations!
Thanks for coming by!

Electra out, cus I am dizzy.



  1. your alice creations are out of this world, you outdid yourself on these! xo

  2. Love your digital art and these Alice pieces are brilliant! Thanks for the instructions, Patti - I do plan to give it a go, just as soon as I have a spare few hours!! Take care. xx


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