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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mermaids Galore!

It's mermaid month at Gecko Galz!
And I used the new Pretty Mermaid Collage Sheets
For the first one, I cropped the image and
used a photo mask on it, then
placed it over top of a paper from the 
Easter Parade Paper Pak.
Then I used the same photo mask and placed that over
a paper from the Foral Symphony Paper Pak.
Same mask again, and over a paper from the
La Isla Paper Pak.
I applied a bevel style and
placed that layer over top of the same paper from the
La Isla Paper Pak.
Another bevel.
And we're done!

For this one, I cropped the image and 
used the same photo mask as I did
with the last sample.
Placed that over a paper from the
Ombre Paper Pak.
Photo mask again, then over top of
a paper from the
In Marble Halls Paper Pak.
Added the wordart from the
Gecko Galz In Other Words
collage sheet, to which I
applied a color burn blend mode.
I finished it with an overlay edge by 
 Berna Datema and
some glitter stars.

This last one was no more complicated than the last two.
Cropped the image
Used an photo mask
Over a paper from the
La Isla Paper Pak.
Added a border overlay by
Captivated Visions.

All these are simply one photo mask
(by Syndee Nuckles), the glorious
Pretty Mermaids collage sheet set and
a whole bunch of different
Gecko Galz papers.
Just layering over layering!

All you need to do is check out all the goodies at

and if you don't do digital art,
keep in mind you can use any of these awesome
papers and images for real-live paper 
scrapbooking  and card-making!

Thanks for coming by!!


  1. Whouaou! I love their glittering fabulous bodies.
    Your layering is awesome dear Patti.

    (I hope you're okay, I'm still thinking of you my friend! :)

  2. your creations are so very very beautiful! just mesmerizing! sending love, xo

  3. It's great to see you back at "work" with your amazing, scintillating pieces of art. I couldn't choose between them. They belong to each other anyway.
    (Sea creatures, including mermaids, are the theme at Take a Word opening Monday).

  4. What a wonderful collection of magical mermaids each one is so beautiful...fabulous work.

  5. Oh my, what beautiful mermaids. You must be feeling tip-top shape to be producing such beautiful art!


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