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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

September Already?

Well, it is already September and I am
wondering where the summer went?

That's the bad news.
But there is good news!
It a new month at
Yesiree Bob, it's
But wait there is more!
There are new Harvest Time goodies in the

I made a few things which hopefully can help
get your creative juices flowing.
I used some of the (many) new items.

for this first one, 
I used these Gecko Galz products:

High Tea Paper pak
La Boheme paper 
All You Need is Love digital stamp set
Be Thankful digital stamp set

The process I used for these is simple and straightforward.

 I choose two papers, one for the background
and one, which, with a mask of my choice, I layer over top
of the first paper.
I crop the collage sheet image I want, and again, use a mask, 
and again, put it over top of the last item.
I sometimes will add one of the Gecko Galz digital stamps.
Sometimes not.
Sometimes I will add a Gecko Galz icon from one of the
digital kits.
Or maybe words. 
It's all up to you.
These digital stamps are so easy to use.
Did you know that when you change the blend mode
to darken or multiply and that will make the white 
background disappear!
Then to finish the piece off, I usually add
a border overlay from my massive stash of digital yummies.

Obviously, if you have never done digital
scrapbooking, none of this will make any sense to you, 
if you go over to the Gecko Galz Scrapbooking, you will see 
lots of terrific samples from talented members of the
Design Team that are made with
paper and scissors and all of those
traditional goodies.
Gecko Galz products are incredibly versatile.

for this one, 
I used these Gecko Galz products:

Thankful for Fall Collage Sheet
Mayflower Paper Pak

And for this one I used:

Gatsby Paper pak
Gypsy Market paper pak
Be Thankful Jewel It Collage Sheet
"I love you"  Holiday Icon from the 
Holiday Icon Digital kit

Have you entered the September  Customer Challenge yet?

The only rule is that you must use at least one Gecko Galz product 
(this can be one of the freebies, so check back through the blog and also look at the freebies on the Pinterest page, or of course you can buy at the Etsy store!) 
Also if you sign up for the Gecko Galz newsletter, you'll be able to claim a free collage sheet each month.

I can hardly wait to see what you create!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. They're all really great, Patti! Don't you just love Fall? :o)

  2. Beautiful harvest creations, Patti! I love them all! x

  3. I always enjoy seeing your work, and these samples are no exception!
    I'm especially liking the card with the little girl and the fairies. I tried to find the images you used, but could not find the "Thankful for Fall" collage sheet. Do you know if it's been discontinued, or am I just bad at finding stuff? I'd appreciate it if you have any ideas. Keep up the fantastic work, Roberta

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Roberta. You are not bad at finding stuff, I looked for the sheet and it is a 1x2 digital collage sheet, which is different than the simple collage sheets. As well, in the shop it is called BE Thankful for Fall.
      Here is the link:

      I hope you see my reply!

  4. All great samples but my favorite is the little girl with the fairies !!!!

  5. Thank you so much for responding to my question, Electra. Thanks to you, I went to the Etsy shop and was able to find and order the sheet.
    I appreciate your taking the time to check it out for me. xox

  6. YOUR Work is beautiful always.

    Thank you for commenting on my themes or art. It encourages me when you do.

  7. Inspirational.
    I have entered the challenge thanks to you.

  8. i really likes your blog!
    You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.


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