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Sunday, May 24, 2009

What a day.

My word for 2009 is CALM. It did NOT work today. I went to the truck to go meet a friend for supper and the truck would not start. This is not an old truck. I did not have the friend's cell number and so had to call a cab. The cab cost #25.00. Supper was good. The friend drove me home. After she left, I realized I had left my house key and truck key in the cab. Thank goodness I had a second key stashed, got in the house at least. Called the cab folks, cabbie had gone off shift. I only have one truck key that will disarm the alarm. Never mind I went to two, count em, two places yesterday to get a second remote, with no success.
The cabbie called and agreed to put the keys in his mailbox. I call K and ask her to come and take me to the cabbies' at the other end of the city. She is not happy. We go to the cabbies'. ONE of my key sets is in the mailbox, the other (my truck key) is still in the back of the cab. He is not home. K drives me home. I call the cab company. They tell me I have to wait until he comes back on shift. And when will that be, I ask? They don't know, they say.
I have no key to get into the truck, so that I can call AMA so that I can get a boost, so that I can get to work. I am NOT Calm. I am going to bed. I hate my life.

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