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Saturday, February 4, 2012

I belong to the 
Everything Wendy Vecchi
Yahoo group, although you wouldn't know it, for the little I've participated.
When I saw that the current challenge was "Make Something Humourous"
I couldn't NOT play along.  
It would have just be wrong not to.

The quote and background stamps are by Wendy Vecchi herself (one of her cool stamp sets), 
the owl and eyes are by this cool new designer I've discovered at Etsy, called 
the rest of the stuff is so old, I couldn't identify it if my life depended on it.
That's what I'm trying to do.
Use up stuff.
Not depend my life on it.
Oh never mind.

Hey, here's a little tidbit for your next Trivial Pursuit game.
Did you know that we in Canada spell some words differently than y'all do in America?
It's true.
We put an extra "o" in some words.
Like humour, colour, honour.
And you thought I couldn't spell.
I can two sew.



  1. What a great tag! You are too funny.
    Chris xxoo

  2. Ha! I knew you would participate in this one....and what a GREAT piece it is..and yes, I did laugh! Thanks so much for participating in the MAC! BTW, you should post a message to the group and link to your blog.. but only if you want to. :)


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