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Monday, February 13, 2012

Exciting News!

These are some photos from our trip to the mountains this weekend.
I haven't posted any of my photos for a while now.
And so that I don't forget...
 Yessirreee Bob, my darling daughter got engaged, coming down from the mountain on the gondola.
HE kicked me out and told me to take my own gondola down.
Well, he asked, very sweetly, actually.
And got down on one knee in that box hanging in mid-air over the Rockies.
He even went and asked her dad for his permission to marry her, beforehand.
Are you impressed?  
I know I am.
Pretty exciting if you ask me.


  1. that sounds like exciting news to me! And those pictures are gorgeous...what a wonderful surrounding to get engaged in...wah hoozle ;)

  2. That is VERY exciting! Congratulations to you all! The ring is so pretty!

  3. YEAH! Congratulations to you AND your daughter! How cool! And your pics are just mouth watering, btw.. or they are to me anyways!

  4. What an ideal future son-in-law!

  5. Wow how romantic, your daughter is very lucky, he's a keeper for sure!

  6. Aw, swoon and sniffle, that's wonderful! I know you're terribly pleased and I hope darling girl is as excited too! How romantic! I love him already and he isn't even your son in law yet!

    Beautiful photos, by the way!


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