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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hockey for Hope

So, 40 of our wonderful Alberta men got together and decided to raise 1. 5 million dollars for our Children's Hospital Cancer Program by skating for 10 days all day and all night.  
They succeeded in raising 1.4 millions dollars, skated for 10 days straight, 246 hours, 
some on broken ankles.  
An entire school turned out to cheer them on.
They also broke the World's record for this!
I just think it's the most heroic thing I've seen in a long time.
They didn't buy pink gardening gloves or a pink spatula.
They skated until their feet bled.

And it was all inspired by our lovely little Diamond, 
whose wish was to meet the Princess (Kate) when she was here. 
 And Princess Kate gave Diamond a big hug.

Diamond is doing well now.

A standing Ovation to these strong young men who know what it means to do the right thing!
You humble me.

And in honour of them, and because my own newborn baby was in that hospital 
on a couple of different (life-threatening) occasions,
I thought this LO might be appropriate.


  1. gorgeous tribute...what a fabulous contribution those boys made and raised...I love stories like that!!!

  2. Yes, they did the right thing and a needful thing. You were right to give them a shoutout.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. My hats (and shoes) are off to those wonderful men.

    This is the sweetest picture I have seen. I love it. The layout is perfect for it.

    (ps - That deleted comment was mine. I goofed and had to make it right.)

  5. That is main thing about gloves. This is the excellent picture i have seen. Everything is perfect in this post. I impressed by that.

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  6. What a fantastic example of real men. BRAVO

    And BRAVA for this meaningful and heartfelt LO, I love it. Conveys so much in the photo. Very classy, I like a lot!


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