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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Photo Art Friday

The lovely Bonnie Zeiman has returned from a much deserved break and given our next challenge:
So I moved from this (my own photo)
to with the help of Bonnie's
 textures (and one overlay from Shadowhouse Creations)
and an overlay which has been transformed with one of Mikki Furkel's glitter styles.
We have accomplished movement to this:

OK.  It's past my bedtime.
But it's Bonnie's fault that I'm up past...
I was just do gosh-darn happy to see her back!
(We're very needy. us artists, you know.)
You really should go introduce herself to her.  Tell her I sent you.
She'll like you.
I do.

And the moral of the story?
Movement does not have to be fast to be powerful.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. wow! beautiful processing!

  2. Lovely use of texture. It looks quite magical:)

  3. How true about movement...what a great subject to do for this challenge. I love the edit.

  4. great photo and love what you did with it

  5. The photo itself is wonderful. It has movement and the shading is fab. What you did by staying up late makes it a piece of art. Hope you are not yawning too much today.xx

  6. This edit is intriguing on so many levels, Electra! You've given the piece a more oriental feel and the texturing adds a bit of mystery to it all too. And, of course, it is lovely to contemplate.

    Sorry to have kept you up late, but to my mind it was well worth it! Thank you for sharing your artwork with PAF.

  7. I quite love what you've done here!! You've reminded me of some photos I have from Healer School in 2006, photos I often "forget" about since they were taken and Now live on somewhere, used to BE KodakGallery, just changed... anyway, your photo and the feelings it evokes in me are magnificent and much appreciated!! love your humour, too. it's definitely infectious!!!

  8. Well that Bonnie certainly is an "enabler!" Your piece turned out so well and the edit turned an ordinary photo into something quite extrordinary. Well done.

  9. loving the picture and also the way you altered it...gorgeous and awesome!!!

  10. Nice moving and the texture is gorgeous :)

  11. Calling by from Photo Art Friday, a lovely original and edit. I have to learn how to do these things. :)

  12. These were great photos without editing. However, they are terrific with the editing.


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