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Sunday, January 6, 2013


I love the way winter looks.
NOT, I hasten to add, how it feels.
In fact, if I could stay indoors whenever it gets below zero, I would be very happy.
Having said that,
the challenge for this week at
is "January"
And the theme for this week's challenge over at 
is Winter Elegance.
I think my photo art fits both challenges.
I hope you visit both sites to see some amazing artwork!!
Isn't it pretty?
This was across from where I work, one day
 and I had to leave work and go over and take some photos of it.
See, winter is pretty.
But too cold.  :-)


  1. Electra! this is such a pretty snow picture, love your postcard, I also just wanted to say thanks as your work and blog have got me back into Sunday Postcard art :-)
    Debi x

  2. How wonderful your view from work is. Does it look as good the rest of the year?

  3. Wonderful Postcard, what a lovely snowy scene. Kim

  4. What a wonderful a photo, Electra! Though I'm not a big fan of cold whether I can appreciate a winter beauty.

  5. The scene is mystical and magical. What a wonderful shot of winter!

  6. Scenes like this one are beautiful, but I prefer to admire them from inside...standing on the heat vent...with hot chocolate in my hand! Your shot is gorgeous.

  7. Wow, this is gorgeous and I really wish I could see this. I dont mind it feeling cold either, the crunch of frost or ice under foot is lovely.

  8. It is pretty--I do love the look of a snow covered world. kelley—the road goes ever ever on


  9. White snow is just beautiful, what a view you have. Thanks for sharing.


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