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Sunday, January 27, 2013


This week's challenge at
Grandmother's Recipes
The clearest memory I have of my grandma is of
her in her kitchen, bending over, taking cookies out of the oven.
I would have been about 6.
Which would have been 1960.
I like the 50's and that was the era in which I started out,
so that what I went with.  The 50's.
(Well, and the 40's, a bit)
To be totally honest, I'm not very happy with this, but
I'm also not willing to start over.  :-)
Images were googled, border is by Carole Neale 
and I used a couple of textures by
Shadowhouse Creations.

Be sure to check out all the fantabulous art at


  1. So cute and bright and cheery...well done!

  2. This is a colorful tribute to all the grandmas and the happy memories they created. Nice work!

  3. I have no idea why you aren't happy with this, Electra. I think it's drop dead gorgeous. BEAUTIFUL and creative artwork.

  4. So 50's, Electra, excellent take on the theme!

  5. This is straight out of the 50's, a wonderful piece Electra! xx

  6. Marvelous 50's artpiece dear!
    The frame looks like biscuits! :)

  7. A perfect '50s piece, Electra, AND lovely too.

  8. This is so adorable! I remember my Grandma baking cookies too.

  9. Yes, Electra, this is very '50s! I have always enjoyed those perky women in their pretty little "party" aprons! Nice going.xx

  10. Well, I'm sorry you aren't as pleased with it, I think it completely makes me think of a wonderful vintage kitchen, the beautiful art on the cookbooks, and even the appliance in the background. You have such a way with collage.


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