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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Anything can be beautiful if you look at it with the right eyes.
So I struggled with this challenge from 

'Somehow putting digital elements together 
on a page just wasn't working for me.
So I took a trip through my (gazillion) photos.
and I would like to take you on a magic carpet ride:
This is a sculpture which my daughter and 
I noticed off to the side of the highway near Whitefish Montana.  
We drove by a few times, 
and then could stand it anymore so we pulled over and went in.
It was a home onf a artist who explained his house had just burned down and he was rebuilding.  He let his little girl "Moonflower" take us around.
 a secret spot in the yard...
the family pet

And the lovely Moonshadow, sitting in a gazebo, surrounded by Buddhist prayer flags.
She is beautiful too.

Thanks for coming along with us on our journey into another world.

I never got his name, this wonderful outdoor artist, 
but I am grateful that he chose to welcome us into his world.
Aren't you?


  1. Love the bottle sculptures, Electra, such beautiful craft, how sad his house burned down, his daughter is a beauty, too! Great take on the theme!

  2. Beautiful girl and fantastical art.I'm a sucker for coloured glass. Thanks for sharing your pix. xx

  3. A gorgeous collection of beautiful things, thanks for the lot of amazing photos.
    Hugs Anja

  4. The colours are amazing, all beauties, even his little daughter! xx

  5. Fabulous photos and certainly beautiful art as well. Nothing as beautiful as light through cobalt glass.

  6. gorgeous glass sculptures and what a lovely picture!

  7. Sooooo many things of beauty here, Electra. Thank you for sharing them with me as I am never likely to get to Montana. Fantastic.

  8. Wonderful glas sculptures and a lovely beautiful girl.

  9. THANK YOU for sharing this with us! What a special time for you and for the artist. The blue bottle display reminds me of the blue bottle trees in the South, which legend says keep the evil spirits away.

  10. what a wonderful post, thanks for sharing all this beauty with us!

  11. Beautiful glass sculptures that catch the light and create magic. A beautiful post indeed!


  12. Utterly fascinating! These are true examples of artistic beauty.


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