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Thursday, April 4, 2013


well, one, exactly
It's a place called Balloononia and 
it's where all those balloons go when they drift up, up and away,
when a little child accidentally lets go of the string.
You know, Balloononia.
It's not digital.
As soon as I saw what the theme was at
I got all excited and 
saw my chance to use my new favorite stencil by Balzer Designs.
It's a cityscape.
I used some Dylusions sprays 
(did you know they will stay on your hand if you don't 
clean it up right away and instead run out the door to an appointment?)
Stamps from Mr Holtz and Wendy Vecchi.
And some treasure that arrived in a swap I just took part in.
Plus a sticker from my stash and some packaging left over 
from some ancient chipboard pieces I had about a century ago.
I don't throw anything out.
(But you don't either, do you?)
The dots are liquid perals.
There are a lot of liquid pearls in Balloononia.

Anything can happen in Balloononia, you know.
Anything at all.


  1. Souinds like a fun place to visit! I feel much better now that I know where all those balloons go. Love to see your imagination and humour on display, Patti!xx

  2. This was a fun read . . . I love all the whimsy in your art, too.
    My sweetie and I are celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary and he is having a great give-a-way on his blog . . . I have a link, please come visit and put your name in the hat :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. So cool! And I love the story behind it! crack me up!

  4. This is fun and cute. Pixel Dust Photo Art is showcasing "collage" photo art today. You should put this in.

  5. I do love your collage city!! And how did you know I keep things to use later?!?!?


  6. This city is really buzzing, it looks a fun place to be, lively by day and night. A great collage for the theme

  7. I adore the elements is this Electra beautiful work!

  8. This is soo cool! And the quote is great!


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