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Monday, July 29, 2013


is the theme at
this week.
I love pink. 
In fact the woman who fills my 
coffee cup at McDonalds Drive Thru 
every morning before work comments 
on how much I like pink.
(That's a useless bit of trivia for you.
There may be a test, so pay attention.)
Lots of credits for this one:
Lisas Altered Art, Websters Pages, Digital Whisper, Kristen Aagard,
Dawninskip, SusyQscraps, Tumblefish Studios, and Syndee Nuckles

Thanks for looking.
Now scurry on over to
to create something pinkly wonderful.
C'mon, you love pink.
You know you do.
I'll see you there.


  1. This is deliciously and intricately PINK, Patti. Beautiful work1

  2. I love all the little details and the words add so much to the collage. It gave me a happy smile.

  3. What a lot to look at, it's terrific, and the quote (one of your own?) is terrific too. I love the purse, the heart and that fantastic frame.

  4. Your pink collage is a beauty, Electra, and your quote made me laugh out loud.

    PS .. you can never have too much pink!

  5. Ha-ha, so feminine words! Beautiful very well done collage. Love it!

  6. hello!
    this is adorable!
    love the layers on it. very easy on the eyes:)

    and it's so true too, lol

  7. Made me giggle which I needed today, So love it especially all that pink!

  8. This is fantastic in color and imagery- so feminine and fun!

  9. Gorgeously and rip-roaringly pink and fabulous.

  10. beautiful and so darn funny, I'll be smiling for days.


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