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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Winter Wildlife for

Two nights ago I was out on a country road
and came across a Momma Moose with two little moose.
(mooses, Meese???)
It's been in the low minus 30's this week and they were in deep snow, looking pretty happy.
(as happy as a moose can look)
I wondered to myself,
"Self, what are moose for?"
They kind of look like all the leftovers parts that Creator had after he made all the animals.
And He smooshed them all together.
A Moose!

This is NOT a moose:
It's much prettier than a moose.

(credits:  Maya de Groot, Studio Rosey Posey, Emeto Designs, Joanne Brisbois, and Cajoline)

Having said that, 
I wrote a poem to accompany my piece:
 OK, I didn't actually write it.
I stole it.
But it works.

Stay warm, see you at

Oh!  Yeah!
I don't know what moose are for.
But I like them.

You might even see a moose over there.


  1. Spectacular postcard - and I love the poem lol. Minus 30s - only every experienced that once (minus 32 Celsius), in Helsinki, Finland. Once felt, never forgotten!

  2. The poem really works and the postcard is superb!

  3. Fabulous post, I might bookmark it to cheer me up whenever I need cheering up. Love your poem and the house and of course I like your postcard of a Not-Moose, it's a very arty graphic postcard (no I'm not sure what that means either).

  4. Magnificent card! Love your creation!

  5. it's a poem i can understand without the translator !!!!! and great postcard !

  6. My sentiments it!!!

  7. P.S. Your Postcard is awesome too.


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