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Monday, April 14, 2014


Well, I don't feel much like glowing this morning.
My phone went off this morning, and thinking it was the alarm,
I got up and had a couple of cups of coffee..
Then I noticed the time.
And hour and a half before I needed to be up.
It wasn't my alarm, it was some idiot
texting me.
I don't recognize the number.
But if I find out who it is...
Since I was up,
Bubbles glow, right?
This is for

I hope YOU get to sleep in.
Off to work now......early...........


  1. wow. that's still dark time! This is a wonderful collage--I couldn't even see straight at that hour!

  2. Awesome colors and dynamic my friend!
    Maybe they can help you all the day long?
    (This texting person is perhaps from a foreign far country?)

  3. Who cares if bubble glow as long as they are cool and this definitely is.

  4. I really like this collage. Wonderful images and details, and great use of colors!


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