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Sunday, April 6, 2014


well, one window actually
I just got back from Palm Springs and as I was driving to the hotel,
I saw this HUGE statue of Marilyn Monroe.
I couldn't find a parking spot
to get out and get a decent photo of it, 
so I took this from the car, 
planning to return later.
That night,
they tore it down and moved it (to Chicago, I think).
But here she is, three stories tall (!)
It's good to be home.

This is for
my go-to place for fun challenges.

credits:  Doris Castle, Brandy Murray, Tumblefish Studios

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to visit you soon, now that I am back home!


  1. How lucky that you got the photo when you did! Great job in making it into such a cool collage!


  2. Electra, What a totally colorful and fun card! So glad you were able to get a shot of that, even if it was through the car window! Love your elements! and here's to a funny day! cheers!


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