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Friday, May 23, 2014

Playing Catch-Up

It's not that I've been doing nothing, it's just that I've been too tired to post anything.
But just to prove I am still around...
(that started out as this:)

I know, I know, maybe too much coffee...
and now for something completely different...
Life is pretty good here.
I hope it is there as well.


  1. Yes, yes and YES. these are terrific!!! I would have sworn that was Marlene Dietrich.

  2. Great makes...have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  3. ooooooooooooh! it's like a cornucopia of collage! soooooo many cool and fabulous designs, a feast for the eye! (i want to say, "from botticelli, to POTTY-celli!" but somehow it sounds rude, so i won't; but if i HAD said that what i would've meant is that ONLY YOU, delightful missus, could've posted on such diverse themes with equal awesomeness!!!) ♥♥♥

    ps: being an idiot, i totally missed the deadline for your "glamour" theme at SPA; but i wanted you to know i was COMPLETELY inspired by your beautiful creation!


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