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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Restrain Yourself

I have very little self control.
Like right now, as I write this post,
I am 1/2 hour away from a lunch date with friends.
And here I am, in my jammies, 
doing this.
Such is life.
My life, anyways.

Speaking of anyways....
The new theme at the glorious
is to
to black and white and a POP! 
of one other colour.
I only see ONE other colour, don't you?
(C'mon, work with me here)

Hows about YOU go over to
find out all the deets,
and link up with us with YOUR
restrained project?

I'm counting on you.
It will make me look better.
And we're all friends here, right?
I owe you one...

Credits:  Xquisart, Holliewood Studios, Bonnie Zeiman, Tangie Baxter.

If you move back, close one eye and squint a little with the other,
 it really does only have black and white and one other colour.
You know it does.

Thanks for coming by, we can't wait to see your projects!

I'll see you over there


  1. Absolutely delightful! I only see one color besides black and white. Really!:)

  2. Super post and great black and white picture and mmmmm other colour.
    That's a very good appeal to us to make something for OG, I'll really, really try.

  3. haha...great digital and post...always a pleasure to stop at your blog!


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