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Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Imaginary Friend

The current Mojo challenge is to do a LO on my imaginary friend. My gosh, I have so many, it was hard to choose. (That says something disturbing about me, I think). At any rate, this little buddy, Christian name: Harold, spends the day connected telepathically to me and catches all of the thoughts I have that you wouldn't want me to say out loud. THEN, when I get home at night, Harold makes bail and we spend the evening muttering together about:

a. urfy-durfs I have met that day b. what I would like to do to those urfy-durfs c. how superior both Harold and I are to the urfy-durfs. (Reality programs provide the same sort of support for me).

At the end of each day, Harold returns to his little room to sleep and prepare for the next day's activities.

I love Harold.


  1. Ahahahhh, adorable!!! Big hugs to Harold ;-) and thanks for playing with us :-)!

  2. HOW cute I love how you put him in a cage like that very cool indeed..Thank you so much for playing with us at Scrap mojo

  3. Harold is so cute!! This is so creative! Thanks for playing along!

  4. This is hysterical and such a fun page! LOVE that little dude! Thanks for playing along!


  5. This so funny and cute!
    Thanks for playing along!!
    dani (scrapmojo)

  6. Super cute! Great layout! Thanks for playing along! :)

    -Lindsay (Scrap Mojo)


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