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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mojo challenge 33

What do I love from Peter Pan? Well, Peter asks us "Do you know why swallows nest in the eaves of houses? To hear the stories." That's what I love, the stories. IMO, the library has the keys to the kingdom. When my girl was less than a year old, she would sit in her stroller and look at picture books. Once, in her toddlerdom, I found she had stacked all her books in a pile in her room; the pile was a high as her. Not the best use for books, but you get the picture. I love books and I love stories-the Internet will never change that.


  1. Beautiful page! Thanks for playing with us!!!

  2. Very cool take on the challenge! I really like how you thought about this. Thanks for playing!
    Michelle (Scrap Mojo)


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