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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Another good day. that is, until I rear-ended someone with my truck. Now I know what kind of damage my bush bars can do. I wanted to cry, but what's the point?

Got a call after that that one of my employees is in hospital, had a seizure. Her mother, who called, just had surgery for breast cancer and a week ago, they learned that they did not get it all, there is much more. And her dad just lost his job.

I'm going to complain about a little car accident? Nope. I'm blessed.

This LO is of my Uncle who is now in his 80's. I haven't done the title yet, it was in 1941, I had to email my aunt to learn the year. He looks so young and so fresh, with his whole life ahead of him. and he is off to war, a horrific war at that. My gosh, we have no idea what it was like then.

I'm happy they caught one of the gang members who did the triple murder on New Year's Day. The turd was let out on $2000.00 bail a couple of days before, after facing over 30 weapons charges. My god, I know sure who is more screwed up, our justice system or the thugs. I suspect it's the former. We should rise up in the streets. But I can't. Not with the work I do. It's just SO wrong though.

Another of my staff called me a couple of days ago, her daughter was assaulted pretty badly by her BF, for want of another word. Mom said they had no food and I was trying to to think how I could help her, so I went through my freezer and cupboards and took some food into work. I asked our cook if she could put together something as well, I suggested some cooked leftovers that they could just heat up. There is only her and the two babies, the guy is in jail (if he still is). Well, she put together boxes and boxes, meat and cereal and rice, pasta, fresh and frozen veggies potatoes and frozen french fires, this list went on and on. It was wonderful. I took the stuff over to her mom and she was so grateful and so touched. Later my boss said I could take credit, but I can't. It's the conversations I started having with Creator again asking to be shown way to be of service to him. It's his credit. not mine.

Good night.

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