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Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm reading a book about creating an art journal. In it are some "vision cards". I closed my eyes and picked one, it says
That means I shall embroider something this week. Something. Or may I embroider the truth?

I was also prompted to pick out 4 amazing things from my stash and use them. Ask myself why I'm not using them? The answer is, because they are hidden away, in my file cabinet. I can't see anything that's in there. That in itself is another good (very good) reason to NOT buy any more. Maybe the best yet.

I laid awake for awhile last night and browsed through the travel books on Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. I looked at Phoenix, nothing there interests me. then Albequerque, not too much there either. But SALT LAKE CITY. Well, that's another story. Lots of interesting stuff there. We shall have to spend an overnight there. Getting excited already.................

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