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Sunday, June 14, 2009

So I wonder where this ton of Ansel is? It sounds interesting. It's been a productive weekend, I have a rearranged studio and my work table is not right in the window where I can work in natural light until the sun goes down. I'm pretty sure I did a crummy job on the floor, but it looks good. (for now)
I was incapacitated for last evening and had some trouble getting down the stairs this morning. The ol' bod' is NOT used to working on my hands and knees/bent over, ripping carpet, pulling staples, laying tiles, moving furniture. Not even one bit. I'm still pretty sore and have had to lay on the couch/bed doing nothing for most of the day. Made a wonderful meal though, rock cornish game hens, dilled potatoes, bbq-ed asparagus. Man, it was good! We ate outside and there was one little cloud over top of our yard that rained on us while we ate. Not before, Not after, just while. You gotta love Mother nature.
Going through all my stuff and organizing it has been a labour of love and shows me all the goodies I have to play with. Now I just want to play.

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