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Friday, August 13, 2010


In Torrington, Alberta, there is the world-famous "Gopher Hole Museum".  I'm not kidding, it really IS world famous!  It was not world famous until PETA got wind of it and protested.   That made it world famous.  
Before I go any further, I have to warn you.  If you ARE a PETA member, or if you have any objection to seeing gophers in what some might consider compromising positions, please click your back key and visit me tomorrow. Now that I've warned you, we'll go forth.  Please keep in mind that there are a BAZILLION gophers in the world and their burrows trip horses who then break their legs and have to be put down as a result.  And if I sound like a redneck, it may be because I am.  


First, the little critters fight back.  Probably hunting hunters.

It must have been one fine meal.  Probably included bumbleberry pie, I'll bet.

On the way to a fire call, one of the fire-fighter tripped and fell.  His colleague  has a good sense of humour, but I don't see him making a move to help.

A parishioner finds the sermon a tad boring. I can relate.

Young love.  You can't see the Harley in the foreground.


Hanging out at the town pool hall.

The high school fashion show.  I'll bet there is a dance after.  Wanna chaperone?

A joyous occasion.

A Royal Canadian Mounted Gopher and his trusty dog, Fluffy.


Drama at the beauty parlour.


This one's for Jana.


Vancouver or bust.

If you're still with me, you must find these funny, as did I.  When I was in the museum, there were some young women looking at the vignettes and laughing so hard they were crying.  One of them said she has some, shall we say, incontinence issues.  She should have been in my shoes, I could have used a pair of Depends.


  1. Brilliant, love them. Annette x

  2. I was laughing in a controlled manor until I got to the curling one. Now I'm getting weird looks from the dog I'm laughing so hard. LOVE these. PETA headquarters is here in Norfolk, VA. I see bumper stickers all the time.
    Might be warped, but they make me laugh.

    Signed, Jana, the NOT vegetarian

  3. Oh, these are hysterical, all right. Now I need a pair of depends. And I'm not a vegetarian, either. Rocky likes gophers...for hunting.....

  4. We need a museum just like this for our cane toads. Mind you, you can buy a cane toad skin purse, but I haven't yet....

    You need a "Warning, laughter to follow" notice on your blog header.

  5. Oh my gosh, these are great! Had to throw in the curling one for Jana did you? Good, it's hilarious. PETA should have had a better sense of humor about this, I mean, at least the little guys are being celebrated instead of getting picked over on the side of the highway by nature's janitorial squad...

    Love your sense of humor for sharing them with the class!!!

  6. The people making these must have had such fun!!!!!!!

  7. oh my gosh, this is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time ROFL
    we have a few moles I'd like to see stuffed!


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